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IF YOU hap­pen to be a ded­i­cated fol­lower of fash­ion­able Aussie Fords then an XT might be well down your list of Cars I Need To Own. But think log­i­cally and the model tasked with bridg­ing the gap between the XR and XW-XY se­ries is very sim­i­lar in de­sign and will cost con­sid­er­ably less than the mod­els that fol­lowed. Over 74,000 XTs of all kinds were sold so vol­ume is in its favour. Only 1062 four-speed GTs and 353 au­to­mat­ics were built, yet the sporty ver­sion is eas­ier to find now than a ba­sic six­cylin­der sedan. These in very good con­di­tion are scarce and cost $25-30,000, with V8 Fair­monts now push­ing past $40K. GTs ex­ceed $100,000, with man­ual cars slightly more valu­able than au­tos. As the mar­ket for older Aus­tralian per­for­mance cars firms it is be­com­ing very ap­par­ent that au­then­tic­ity and prove­nance have be­come more im­por­tant to buy­ers than pre­sen­ta­tion. Match­ing num­bers cars with the cor­rect en­gine, car­bu­ret­tor and diff are now very hard to find and it is more than pos­si­ble that an XT you look at will have some in­cor­rect com­po­nents. Join­ing a club be­fore even own­ing a GT is sen­si­ble and in fact wel­comed by other mem­bers. Not only can you learn what’s im­por­tant about your pre­ferred per­for­mance Fal­con but you will be ‘on the in­side’ should an ex­ist­ing owner want to sell or some­one ap­proaches the club look­ing to place a car.


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