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Speak­ing of spe­cial Hen­rys, here’s an­other one to jump on as a col­lectible should you ever stum­ble over one. Back in the days of Group E pro­duc­tion­car rac­ing, Ford made a small batch of EB Se­ries 2 Fal­cons to ho­molo­gate a few spe­cial bits and pieces. The six-cylinder en­gine got a re­vised ex­haust, ad­justable up­per sus­pen­sion arms at the front al­lowed for greater cam­ber and cas­tor tun­ing and the gearset from the V8 man­ual gave bet­ter dura­bil­ity and closer ra­tios. And how many did Ford make? Ten. And they reckon Phase 3s are thin on the ground!

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