Urban Cyclist - - Gear On Test -

Brook­sI­tal­ian com­mutestoo. 1980s It’s leather­branda Har­ri­er­nice­lyyet Kask caps per­form­styled­was to (and de­signedbe hel­me­ton toughis sim­i­lar­ly­long that enoughin days col­lab­o­ra­tionre­sem­bleslowin for thein pro­file).daily sad­dle, clas­sicwith The chan­nels large that vents keep are things matched breezyto deep when in­ter­nal rid­ing. The rear cra­dle, with its can­tilevered ‘up and down’ de­sign, is one of the sim­plest around and, once ad­justed to fit on the nape of your neck, leaves masses of room for a pony­tail sans ob­struc­tion. Deep, plush wash­able pads add to the air of com­fort, and the easy-ad­just straps work well even if they are a lit­tle stiff straight out of the box (but just like a Brooks sad­dle they soften af­ter a while).

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