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The Ring tells a story of epic mag­ni­tude. Loosely crafted from the well known char­ac­ters of the Norse sagas and Ni­belun­gen­lied (The Song of the Ni­belungs). The nar­ra­tive ex­plores the wax and wane of dragons and dwarves, gods and hu­mans, gi­ants and Valkyries, fea­tur­ing pro­tag­o­nists three gen­er­a­tions through, and cul­mi­nat­ing in a fate­ful cat­a­clysm in the con­clud­ing act. un­der­ly­ing the story is a cho­rus of themes in­clud­ing greed, re­venge, love, na­ture, de­cep­tion and in­no­cence, over­ar­ched by the pre­vail­ing melody of lust for power.

The in­tri­cate plot cen­tres upon a magic ring im­bued with the dan­ger­ously se­duc­tive power of world dom­i­na­tion. The Ring is forged by the bit­ter dwarf, Al­berich, crafted from gold stolen from the Rhine maid­ens at River Rhine. The god, Loge, as­sists Wotan, chief of gods in a cun­ning plan to steal the ring from the dwarf. How­ever, af­ter the ac­qui­si­tion, the gi­ants Fafner and Fa­solt force the ex­change of the ring as pay­ment for build­ing Val­halla, home of the gods, while threat­en­ing to take Freia, the provider of mag­i­cal youth en­abling

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