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SWag­ner’s Ring or­ches­tra is no or­di­nary or­ches­tra; the colos­sal scale of the opera calls for an aug­men­ta­tion of the con­ven­tional en­sem­ble. Aside from the usual pro­duc­tion part­ner, Or­ches­tra Vic­to­ria, the Mel­bourne Ring or­ches­tra in­cludes guest mu­si­cians from the Aus­tralian Opera and Bal­let Or­ches­tra, as well as the Syd­ney, Tas­ma­nian and Queens­land Sym­phony Or­ches­tras. Guest mu­si­cians from New Zealand, Italy, Ger­many and the uk also con­trib­ute to the en­sem­ble. Con­cert­mas­ters Roger Jon­s­son of Or­ches­tra Vic­to­ria and Jun Yi Ma of Aus­tralian Opera and Bal­let Or­ches­tra co-lead the gar­gan­tuan or­ches­tra.

The rich­ness and in­ten­sity of The Ring reper­toire is mas­ter­fully de­liv­ered by the 92 mem­ber or­ches­tra (as op­posed to a typ­i­cal 65 mem­bers), com­pris­ing a to­tal of 26 vi­o­lins with 17 first vi­o­lins (play­ing 14 parts in ro­ta­tion), 8 horns, 6 harps, 2 Tim­pani play­ers (with 8 drums) and 14 off­stage in­stru­ments, ex­e­cut­ing a grand to­tal of 15 hours of mu­sic. The Ring or­ches­tra uniquely in­cludes a greatly ex­panded brass sec­tion with new in­stru­ments such as the Wag­ner Tuba, Con­tra­bass Trom­bone and Bass Trum­pet to en­hance the tone and tex­ture and ca­pac­i­tate the som­bre tune of the story.

Mas­ter­ing and per­form­ing 15 hours of the com­plex Wag­ner score is no easy feat. Many of the play­ers, par­tic­u­larly the string, wood­wind and French horn play­ers, en­counter tremen­dous phys­i­cal chal­lenges. In or­der to de­liver con­sis­tent sound qual­ity and in­ten­sity de­manded by Wag­ner’s mas­ter­piece, play­ers are ros­tered to en­sure one or two acts of re­prieve at a time. A to­tal of 135 mem­bers are utilised in this un­der­tak­ing. 格納的創作靈感源於北歐的神話與傳說,《尼伯龍根的指環》將我們領進了一個由仙女、邪惡、貪婪、計謀、武神、英雄,以及殺戮,愛情、生死、聖潔所組成的神話。一切悲劇的根源似乎都來自萊茵河水底黃金打造的指環,得到它,就可以統治世界,但條件是必須拋棄愛情。邪惡的侏儒發出了棄愛的毒誓,竊走了黃金並打造了指環。自此,象徵財富的黃金與代表權勢的指環,在天上、人間幾易其手,但最終回歸萊茵河底,演繹出了真善美與假惡丑殊死搏鬥的曠世悲劇。


面對這一歌劇藝術的試金石 ,作為華人歌劇愛好者,觀賞瓦格納,絕對是自我音樂藝術修養的昇華。

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