Li Ma Peak

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青鸞峰,又名立馬峰,它是黃山 36大峰之一。宋人有詩曰:「卓立峋岩鸞風形,翩翩舞翠炫花紋。衝霄千載飛騰處,猶剩峰頭一片雲。」

從對面山上眺望,峰頂有一巨石,如大臣端笏而立,又若天女靚妝覲帝。步移景換,妙趣橫生。峰壁上有十個石刻大字「立馬空東海,登高望太平」。每字字徑達6 米,「平」字一豎竟長達 9.4 米,世所罕見 ,氣勢磅礡。石刻落款「民廿八年 (1939 年),西蜀唐式遵」。這是黃山最大的摩崖石刻,也是國內名山中極其少見的精品之作,令人嘆為觀止。


The Qian Luan Peak, also known as the Li Ma Peak, is one of the to­tal 36 ma­jor peaks on Mount Huang.

There are many boul­ders on the moun­tain, one of these is called the "Heav­enly Maidens Ob­serv­ing the Em­peror". This boul­der is fa­mous for carv­ings of 10 char­ac­ters (立馬空東

that are unique in the coun­try. These carv­ings were made in 1939 dur­ing the 28th year of the Re­pub­lic of China by a com­man­der of the 23rd army. This was dur­ing the sec­ond Sino-ja­panese war. The char­ac­ters "Li Ma" (stand­ing horse

re­fer to the moun­tain peak and is also a metaphor for re­sist­ing the Ja­panese in­va­sion. "Dong Hai" (East Sea refers to one of Mount Huang’s five seas and is an anal­ogy for the Ja­panese mil­i­tary. "Tai Ping" (great peace refers to Mount Huang’s Tai Ping County and is a metaphor for world peace. "Kong" (empty and "Wang" (hope are ref­er­ences to China’s de­sire to de­feat the Ja­panese and the coun­try’s de­sire for peace. Each char­ac­ter is six me­tres wide, with the “Ping char­ac­ter stand­ing at 9.4 me­tres tall. The stone is the largest cliff stone on Mount Huang and its rar­ity has en­sured its sta­tus as a na­tional trea­sure.

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