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Jack Daniel’s has forged a le­gacy of fine whiskey mak­ing through a long his­tory of metic­u­lous prac­tices that have been handed down to each gen­er­a­tion. For 150 years, Ten­nessee spring wa­ter, su­perb qual­ity in­gre­di­ents, spe­cially crafted sugar maple char­coal and hand­made Amer­i­can white oak bar­rels have all com­bined to be­come in­dis­pens­able el­e­ments in mak­ing this whiskey the house­hold name it is to­day. 美國傑克丹尼已成為150年來的威士忌中經典和傳奇,『傳統』和『技藝承傳』成為支撐品牌屹立不搖的靈魂。坦納西州的山泉、上好的穀麥、手製橡木桶以及糖楓碳過濾手法成為傑克丹尼佳釀不可或缺的要素。

傑克丹尼威士忌的傳世人傑nd克‧丹尼出生於田納西州的富蘭克林小鎮,7歲開始學習釀酒,13歲接管釀酒廠後,開始研製威士忌的釀製方法。傑克使用了美國田納西州的里奇 堡(Lynch­burg) 的恆溫攝氏13.3度,不含鐵質而蘊含石灰石水的泉源,直至今日,每一滴傑克丹尼威士忌釀製的水源都來自此處。「150年了,我們曾擔心山泉可能會消失,因為一旦水源改變,傑克丹尼的味道就會改變,這份禮物仍源源不斷的供應。」Grant Shearon,傑克丹尼全球品牌大使說。

威士忌的釀製中,其發酵過程極為重要,太過與不及都會改變威士忌的純度和味道,Grant 說,「發酵時,傑克丹尼使用的是活酵母菌,而這株酵母菌是 19世紀時保留下的,與傑克丹尼本人當時使用的是同一個品種」。


Jack Daniel was born for the craft of whiskey mak­ing. When he was still a young boy, Dan Call, a preacher and dis­tiller, rec­og­nized his po­ten­tial and thor­oughly trained him in the art of the ‘Lin­coln County Process’, a method that has dis­tin­guished fine whiskey made in Lynch­burg, Ten­nessee for over a cen­tury.

There are many unique el­e­ments that make up this whiskey. Jack Daniel pur­chased Lynch­burg’s Cave Hol­low Spring to en­sure a con­tin­u­ous source of pure spring wa­ter that is es­sen­tial to fine whiskey mak­ing. The nat­u­ral lime­stone of this spring re­leases min­er­als while re­mov­ing iron par­ti­cles from the wa­ter, thereby form­ing the per­fect base for Jack Daniel’s su­pe­rior taste.

Jack also man­aged to for­mu­late a per­fect com­bi­na­tion of in­gre­di­ents en­sur­ing the per­fect whiskey – 80% corn, 12% bar­ley and 8% rye. These in­gre­di­ents, com­bined with Cave Hol­low’s nat­u­ral spring wa­ter, pro­duces a con­coc­tion of sweet, spicy and smooth flavours that is par­tic­u­lar to the Jack Daniel’s brand.

Re­main­ing true to the Jack Daniel’s le­gacy, the fer­men­ta­tion process uses


成的木炭上一滴一滴過濾,而後匯集在白橡木桶中,Grant 說,「每一個步驟都是手工製作,包括每一個白橡木桶,以糖楓樹燒過後,再將過濾好的發酵麥汁存放在內,繼續發酵,慢慢醞釀而成。」他表示,傑克丹尼威士忌的顏色來自木桶內的糖楓樹炭,呈琥珀透明,「存放在木桶內的威士忌與橡木桶發生化學作用,因而有了糖楓的甘醇和水果的馥郁芬芳,絕不含任何添加物,傑克丹尼從沒有標準的釀製時間,釀好為止,」Grant 說。

市面上有著多種不同的傑克丹尼威士忌,其區別在于糖楓樹炭的過濾次數,發酵的溫度與時間,使用穀麥的種類等等。但無論哪一種類的傑克丹尼威士忌,均產自美國田納西州,而從該種類第一次出產到今天,其醇味如出一轍,「傑克丹尼威士忌在 150 年中,前後有過7位釀酒師,就是為了確保每一瓶威士忌的風味,如同150 年前出產的第一瓶一樣,」Grant 說。 the same strain of yeast first utilised by Jack when he cre­ated the process all those years ago. Af­ter dis­til­la­tion, the whiskey un­der­goes the fa­mous Lin­coln County char­coal mel­low­ing process. The char­coal is spe­cially crafted by burn­ing stacks of sugar maple. The whiskey is grav­ity fed through this char­coal drop by drop, a process that takes over a week. This is a vi­tal step, as it in­fuses the whiskey with a sweet, fruity fragrance that would take over two years to achieve through bar­relling the whiskey. The sweet liquor is then col­lected into the hand­crafted, sin­gle-use bar­rels where it is left to con­tinue the fer­men­ta­tion process un­til ma­ture. The end re­sult? The dis­tinc­tive and re­fined taste that has made Jack Daniel’s fa­mous all over the world.

Over its 150 year his­tory, there have only been seven whiskey mak­ers at Jack Daniel’s, each of whom have worked hard to en­sure that the ex­act­ing stan­dards of the fam­ily le­gacy con­tinue on- you can be sure that each bot­tle tastes ex­actly the same as the first bot­tle that was pro­duced 150 years ago.

我們每天釀製,力求完美。--- 傑克•丹尼百年前即為品牌立下標準 Jasper ‘Jack’ Daniel’s motto was ‘Ev­ery­day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can’

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