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Ev­ery­day Cash­mere山羊絨服飾的獨特在於,品牌創始人為了確保質量的完美,親手選擇每一塊布料,親手設計每一件服飾。每一種款式從面料處理到設計,講究的是符合現代人的生活形態。

Sydney’s leafy Castle­crag is a shop­ping des­ti­na­tion for glo­be­trot­ters who get on a plane in one cli­mate and off in an­other. One such shop is Jen­nifer Hart’s Ev­ery­day Cash­mere, a flag­ship store of her on­line busi­ness, ev­ery­day­cash­mere.com. More like a Euro­pean de­sign stu­dio, the flag­ship store is full of beau­ti­ful cash­mere and silk and cash­mere pieces de­signed for so­phis­ti­cated trav­ellers.

Jen­nifer started the com­pany af­ter liv­ing in Shang­hai and con­stantly trav­el­ling with 3 young chil­dren across cli­mate zones. She was in­spired to find a creative so­lu­tion to lighten her load on those dreary cross-con­ti­nen­tal flights. She came up with an idea – to carry only light, com­pact cloth­ing – ver­sa­tile enough to suit any cli­mate or oc­ca­sion

Pas­sion­ate about cash­mere, Jen­nifer be­lieves that “cash­mere is the per­fect yarn for trav­ellers light, soft, warm and easy to pack.” Her ‘all about ease’ de­signs re­volve around the life­style needs of the busy glo­be­trot­ting woman. Her gar­ments are lux­u­ri­ous, yet con­ve­nient and adapt­able enough to suit the bustling life­style of the global com­muter. Ev­ery­day Cash­mere pro­vides ev­ery cus­tomer with care­ful ser­vice and as­sis­tance. “I want my gar­ments to be a woman’s best friend – things that she can rely on to carry her through all kinds of sit­u­a­tions.”

Along­side pure cash­mere knits to shield the wearer from the win­try chills, Ev­ery­day Cash­mere’s trade­mark pieces are made from a 55% silk and 45% cash­mere blend per­fect for all year round wear.

Of­fer­ing a rain­bow of beau­ti­ful colours, Jen­nifer says, “We get a lot of in­spi­ra­tion for de­signs from our clients who travel. We aim to make shop­ping with us a per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence and re­ally care about what you buy.”

Ev­ery­day Cash­mere’s phi­los­o­phy cen­tres on qual­ity, ease and care. Ev­ery step of the pro­duc­tion process is sub­ject to metic­u­lous at­ten­tion, from the cul­ti­va­tion of yarn to the pro­duc­tion of the gar­ment. Ev­ery­day Cash­mere sources and hand­picks its yarn from the Mon­go­lian coun­try­side, home to the world’s finest yarn. Nursed on soymilk as kids, the Mon­go­lian Axla goats are nour­ished on un­touched grass­lands re­plete with wild onions, leeks and gar­lic, drink pure river wa­ter and sleep in hay cots dur­ing the win­ter to pro­tect their lush coats. The goats are hand groomed with combs soaked in milk and but­ter dur­ing har­vest to en­sure a silky smooth fab­ric.

The yarn is then hand-sorted, washed and ma­chine spooled be­fore be­ing sent to John­stons of El­gin in Scot­land, the world’s old­est cash­mere house. In or­der to care for these el­e­gant pieces, Ev­ery­day Cash­mere also sup­plies its own cash­mere and silk wash, a nat­u­ral so­lu­tion for­mu­lated from green tea and lo­tus flow­ers.


Cash­mere是現在世上最受歡迎的羊毛種類之一,又稱山羊絨。 一般而言,山羊多長在寒冷的地區,所以皮毛特性為保暖和富有彈性,被譽為「軟黃金」。其金貴除了山羊絨的稀有外,獲取羊絨的方式極其特殊。為了取山羊毛內層細緻的毛絨,先用梳子梳理,將梳下的毛絨慢慢收集,而山羊絨每次的收取僅約 80-120 公克,如此細緻的軟毛並不存在於普通綿羊皮毛中。


研究 Cash­mere 幾十年並且擁有羊毛絨服飾店 Ev­ery­day Cash­mere 的Jen Hart 認為,真正好的 Cash­mere,應該從飼養絨山羊的方式開始,「愛心和精心照料是產出頂級 Cash­mere最重要的部分。我會觀察小絨山羊在兩歲前,是否用豆奶餵養,冬天 是否居住羊蓬,有無經常清洗等等,這些都是產出上等 Cash­mere 的先決條件」Jen 說。

Jen 曾在上海居住,再移居悉尼。她表示,純 Cash­mere 服飾對很多國家在春秋之際的氣候溫度不太適用,尤其時常穿越南北半球之間的遊人,「 Ev­ery­day Cash­mere選用的 Cash­mere 毛料來自世界上最古老也最傳統的蘇格蘭和蒙古山羊絨坊。而後,我們加進頂級的絲綢面料,如此一來,衣服能提供春夏的涼爽透氣以及秋冬的保暖抗潮,適用多個季節」。她說,使用55% 的絲綢和 45 % 的羊毛絨,成為 Ev­ery­day Cash­mere 品牌下最適合旅遊者的服飾。


Ev­ery­day Cash­mere 旗艦店在悉 尼北面的海岸線上,服務周到以及質量保證是品牌的核心價值。Jen表示,市面上山羊絨處處可見,價值不菲,鮮少能日久彌新,「品牌標誌上的『心和羊角』代表服務與品質,是給客戶的承諾。每一件來自 Ev­ery­day Cash­mere 的產品都擁有這兩項保證,因為每一匹山羊絨都是我在世界上最好的出產地親手挑出,」她說。

或許正因為品牌是 Jen 在上海居住時構思的, Ev­ery­day Cash­mere品牌更符合華人的風格和喜愛。 8A, The Quad­ran­gle, 100 Ed­in­burgh Road, Castle­crag, Sydney NSW 2068 +61 2 9958 5725

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