A Pow­er­ful Em­peror

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Born in a time when China was sep­a­rated into war­ring states, Qin Shi Huang founded the short-lived Qin dy­nasty (221-207 BCE) and be­came the First Em­peror of a uni­fied China. Through­out a reign filled with blood­shed, Qin Shi Huang’s many ac­com­plish­ments in­clude forg­ing the seven war­ring states into one im­pe­rial na­tion, build­ing of the Great Wall, and stan­dard­iz­ing weights, mea­sures and cur­rency. But his great­est le­gacy of all was his mau­soleum, an elab­o­rate sub­ter­ranean palace that sym­bol­ized his power and supremacy. From the mo­ment the First Em­peror as­cended the throne at age 13, a work­force of 700,000 men car­ried out the con­struc­tion of a mass army of de­tailed, ter­ra­cotta fig­ures near the tomb to ac­com­pany his burial and pro­tect him in the af­ter­life.

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