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Wel­come to Medico Estet­ica Are you sick of try­ing the lat­est ‘miracle’ cos­metic treat­ments and get­ting un­der­whelm­ing re­sults? Dr Frank Barba­gallo from Mel­bourne's Medico Estet­ica, will give you a sim­ple yet pow­er­ful frame­work for see­ing through the smoke and mir­rors of the cos­metic medicine in­dus­try mar­ket­ing to nd the best treat­ment to suit your con­cerns and pref­er­ences.

Doc­tor-pa­tient Re­la­tion­ship

A med­i­cal doc­tor with over 30 years of clin­i­cal ex­pe­ri­ence, Dr Frank ini­tially spe­cialised in emer­gency medicine and then fam­ily prac­tice be­fore fo­cus­ing his cre­ative en­ergy on the prac­tice of Medic­ina Estet­ica , since 2006. Peo­ple who come to the clinic are pa­tients, rather than clients. “There is a dif­fer­ent dy­namic – the doc­tor­pa­tient re­la­tion­ship en­sures mu­tual trust and re­spect. And the pa­tient’s needs are al­ways more im­por­tant than my needs or the clinic’s needs.” Peo­ple are of­ten “sold to and en­cour­aged to buy” prod­ucts and treat­ments when they are treated as “clients”.


Frank Barba­gal­lo醫生擁有二十五年臨床經驗。12年來,專門研究有效抗衰老及皮膚改善的治療策略,重煥熟肌的風采。而這一切都在安全的醫療環境中進行。

Frank 堅持將來診室諮詢的人稱為「患者」,而不是「顧客」,「醫患關係彼此信賴,患者的需求優先於診所的需求。」Frank深信,醫生的細緻解釋、認真傾聽,能與患者產生共鳴,對診療有著深遠的影響。

Pre­scribed Creams

Dr Frank’s aes­thetic ex­per­tise is in em­ploy­ing a holis­tic ap­proach to non-sur­gi­cal fa­cial re­ju­ve­na­tion, in­clud­ing the use of lasers and other tech­nolo­gies. He spe­cialises in the safe and ef­fec­tive use of cos­metic medicines and treat­ments us­ing a whole of face treat­ment strat­egy to op­ti­mise and en­hance your nat­u­ral ap­pear­ance. He has re­searched the proven ef­fects of mul­ti­ple skin in­gre­di­ents in­clud­ing vi­ta­mins, an­tiox­i­dants, acids and dif­fer­ent hor­mones, which can all re­verse the ef­fects of age, sun dam­age, stim­u­late col­la­gen and ad­dress the par­tic­u­lar con­cerns of Asian skin. He is ex­pert at for­mu­lat­ing face creams and at your first med­i­cal con­sul­ta­tion with Frank, he will pre­scribe a cream specif­i­cally de­signed for your in­di­vid­ual skin con­cerns at a very rea­son­able price, “You are not pay­ing for lux­ury look and feel, or fancy pack­ag­ing. You pay for proven in­gre­di­ents that give real re­sults.”

State of Art Fa­cil­i­ties and Train­ing

Medico Estet­ica has in­vested in state of the art fa­cil­i­ties and equip­ment to en­sure your treat­ments are world class. Only orig­i­na­tor brands and medicines are used. Dr Frank’s long his­tory as a teacher in med­i­cal ed­u­ca­tion, help­ing other doc­tors to learn new tech­niques and treat­ments – both in China and Aus­tralia – con­tin­ues at Medico Estet­ica.

Less is More

Most pa­tients ask, “How of­ten do we need to do fa­cial fill­ing or laser treat­ments? How of­ten should we use Bo­tox?” Dr Barba­gallo says that 'a lit­tle, of­ten' and 'less is more' is the op­ti­mal prac­tice of Medic­ina Estet­ica. Be­sides pro­vid­ing ad­vice, guid­ance, and op­tions, he ed­u­cates his pa­tients and trainees to be mod­est in aes­thetic am­bi­tion and de­sire, and to al­ways pro­mote the safest way to at­tain a nat­u­ral and nor­mal ap­pear­ance at ev­ery stage of treat­ment. Lit­tle and of­ten means that there is al­ways the op­tion to in­crease the dosage if needed.

Frank’s sug­ges­tions when mak­ing de­ci­sions on treat­ment? "De­velop more of an on­go­ing strat­egy to im­prove skin qual­ity that keeps peo­ple feel­ing good about their youthful ap­pear­ance. Also, cul­ti­vate a long-term re­la­tion­ship with your doc­tor. "


多年研究及臨床治療,Frank 發現,亞洲女性相比盎格魯.薩克森人來說,衰老開始的晚,但接下來的十年中,她們會慢慢趕上來。

如果在女性的關鍵生理階段,為肌膚補充好營養,就事半功倍,「我們做了多年的研究,研製成的混合型面膜,既能刺激皮膚膠原蛋 白再生,同時保持肌膚彈性。」藥房根據 Frank 的處方配置的醫學美容保養品,不但比市面上出售的霜膏更便宜,而且專為每位消費者量肌打造,「你不必付奢侈品的價錢,你直接看到結果。」調理好的肌膚,也讓之後的超聲波或激光治療效果更顯著。


超聲刀還是激光?面部脂肪填充多久做一次?每每面對這些諮詢, Frank 博士的答案只有一個,「簡約就是美 (Less is more)。」簡約而不簡單,恰到好處並精益求精的治療,是 Frank 醫生不斷簡化粹選出來的精華,也是 Medic­ina Estet­ica 美容所的最佳實踐。

逆轉肌齡重塑迷人緊緻的肌膚,是每個成熟女性一生都在進行的課程。Dr Frank願每位擁有智慧與故事的女人都美的自然、自信、優雅。


Dr Frank's book for pa­tients is cur­rently in-press. Reg­is­ter your in­ter­est to re­ceive a free copy.

Dr Frank has vis­ited China many times to as­sist Chi­nese Doc­tors learn the lat­est treat­ments. Medico Estet­ica has the 'Best of Kind' and real de­vices for treat­ments. No fake or copy ma­chines are used.

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