Vivica Ge­naux In Hasse's Ar­taserse With Pinchigut Opera

in Hasse's Ar­taserse With Pinchigut Oper­a領銜主演


重現18世紀巴洛克之美Vivica Ge­naux 領銜主演

In a “tri­umph of cast­ing and reper­toire”, Syd­ney’s Pinchgut Opera is bring­ing su­per­star Vivica Ge­naux, Aus­tralian favourite David Hansen and Help­mann Award-win­ner Carlo Vis­toli to­gether this Novem­ber in an all-star cast to pre­miere Hasse’s Baroque opera, Ar­taserse. 在悉尼 Pinchgut 歌劇(Pinchgut Opera)公司的安排下,世界著名花腔女中音 Vivica Ge­naux 將與澳州最著名的歌劇演員 David Hansen 以及澳洲專業才藝大獎Help­man­n得主 Carlo Vis­toli 聯手,上演由著名德國作曲家 Jo­hann Adolph Hasse 創作的18世紀巴洛克時代的歌劇Ar­taserse。

Pinchgut Opera, a cham­ber opera com­pany founded in 2002, dis­cov­ered a niche by per­form­ing mu­sic from the 17th and 18th cen­tury. Its Orches­tra of the An­tipodes plays on pe­riod in­stru­ments, “very much a part of the ac­tion like in the 18th cen­tury.” Co-founder, con­duc­tor and artis­tic di­rec­tor, Erin Hel­yard, him­self a triple Help­mann Award win­ner and 2018 re­cip­i­ent of the MOST Achieve­ment Award in Opera, is a huge fan of Hasse’s mu­sic and has spent months edit­ing the opera’s score from manuscripts. De­scrib­ing Hasse a true “singers’ com­poser” to write for voice so “id­iomat­i­cally and sym­pa­thet­i­cally”, he puts him on par with Hän­del and Schu­bert.

De­but­ing as Man­dane, Ar­taserse’s sis­ter, is four-time Grammy Award­nom­i­nated col­oratura mezzo so­prano Vivica Ge­naux. Grow­ing up 100 miles south of the Arc­tic Cir­cle makes her me­te­oric rise to world fame even more as­ton­ish­ing. Yet mu­sic was a “sur­vival tool” in Alaska’s bone-chill­ing, end­less win­ters. After try­ing her hand at var­i­ous art forms – “very badly” she claims – she dis­cov­ered that sign­ing was “nat­u­ral” for her. Switch­ing to vo­cal stud­ies at uni­ver­sity, her ca­reer took off. To­day, among her many ac­com­plish­ments, she is cred­ited with cham­pi­oning Hasse’s mu­sic to earn her the 2019 J.A. Hasse Foun­da­tion Prize.

Man­dane’s love in­ter­est is Ar­bace from a ri­val royal fam­ily, ac­cused of killing her fa­ther to as­cend to the throne. In this role, which made Farinelli fa­mous, we will hear coun­tertenor David Hansen. A for­mer stu­dent of Hel­yard at Syd­ney’s Con­ser­va­tory and a Fi­nal­ist at the 2003 Aus­tralian Singing Com­pe­ti­tion, his stel­lar ca­reer keeps him mostly over­seas and he per­forms only rarely in Aus­tralia. With­out at­tempt­ing to fill Farinelli’s “big shoes”, his singing prom­ises to “tell a story”.

Hasse was im­mensely pop­u­lar in his time, and he and his wife, so­prano Faustina Bor­doni, were the “orig­i­nal power cou­ple”. More­over, Hasse per­fected the genre of opera se­ria partly by col­lab­o­rat­ing closely with


Pinchgut Opera 公司成立於 2002年,主要專注於將 17-18 世紀的著名歌劇再現舞臺,參與演出的澳洲An­tipodes 管弦樂團就是專門演奏那個時代的音樂。

「這個樂團的使命就是扮演類似 18世紀歌劇演出的角色」,樂團創始人之一、指揮兼藝術總監,Erin Hel­yard 說道。Hel­yard 出於對 Hasse所創作的音樂的超級熱愛,他曾經花費幾個月的時間重新整理 Hasse的歌劇手稿,


來自美國的 Vivica Ge­naux,出生於阿拉斯加州的費爾班克斯,那

裡距離北極圈僅 160 公里,從小在冰天雪地的環境中長大,音樂成為她生活中的最佳伴侶。

「我嘗試過很多種音樂,結果都不如人意,最後我發現,只有歌唱最適合我,能自然地發揮」, Vivica 說道。之後她進入大學聲樂深造,潛心在巴洛克時代的歌劇演唱上,她那柔暖的歌喉和極佳的花腔令無數觀眾為之陶醉,她因此入圍了 2019 年 J. A. Hasse 基金獎項評選。

作為18世紀的偉大作曲家Hasse與妻子女高音歌唱家 For­tuna Bor­do­nia在歌劇界被讚為「最原始力量的擁有者」,Hasse與巴洛克時代最著名歌劇編劇 Pi­etro Me­tas­ta­sio合作後,完善了一系列的歌劇作品。但有趣的是,在 Hasse 過世後,其歌劇作品與他一起被世間遺忘。直到幾十年後,年輕的音樂家莫扎特的歌劇作品 「這男孩讓我們忘記一切」登台演出後,Hasse的作品才重新被帶入歌劇界!

歌劇 Ar­taserse講述的是一個發生在宮廷裡的政治鬧劇,其中充滿了「背叛與信任,不忠以及愛情的折磨」,所有的表現都與我們今天的社會現實產生共鳴。Hel­yard表示,來欣賞吧!這不僅是為了歌唱經典的榮耀,也是為了那段永恆的情節!

We have a very strong re­la­tion­ship with our au­di­ence that have come along on a voy­age of dis­cov­ery…in this case I am happy to work again with the great Vivica Ge­naux, who is such a vo­cal ad­vo­cate for Hasse. --- Erin Hel­yard, Artis­tic Di­rec­tor, Pinchgut Opera 「繞樑三日,不絕於耳」或許就是Hasse 音樂的寫照,澳洲的演出將在我人生的篇章中,記下輝煌的一筆。 --- Vivica Ge­naux Hasse’s opera, writ­ten for the best of the best as far as singers of his time were con­cerned, re­quires an equally skilled mod­ern cast. And Pinchgut Opera have as­sem­bled just that. --- David Hansen, coun­tertenor


Pi­etro Me­tas­ta­sio, the cen­tury’s most fa­mous opera li­bret­tist. Yet, strangely, Hasse fell into ob­scu­rity after his death, ful­fill­ing his prophecy upon hear­ing an opera by young Mozart that “this boy will cause us all to be for­got­ten." While not yet a house­hold name, Hasse’s mu­sic is thank­fully heard more of­ten these days.And Ar­taserse’s plot? A po­lit­i­cal scan­dal, full of “be­trayal, trust, in­fi­delity, mis­guided love, all of which res­onates with us to­day”, en­tices Hel­yard. Come, not only for the glo­ri­ous singing but also for the time­less plot!


David Hansen


Erin Hel­yard

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