A Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream




For a night of laugh­ter and fun set in a replica of Shake­speare’s Pop-up Globe the­atre, go along and en­joy A Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream, Shake­speare’s fa­mous com­edy that leaves ev­ery­one with a smile. The Pop-up Globe The­atre was made to cel­e­brate the 400th an­niver­sary of Shake­speare’s death. 剛剛在悉尼落幕的舞臺劇《仲夏夜之夢》以復原的表演形式,給觀眾留下了難忘的快樂回味,莎翁的戲劇藝術再次展現出其經久不衰的醇厚魅力。

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and there­fore is winged Cupid painted blind. --- He­lena

Cre­ated in Auck­land, Shake­speare’s out­door stage and per­for­mance has been given a good dose of New Zealand fla­vor and hu­mor. Men are dressed as mod­ern tradies with hard hats and the fairies are de­picted as Maori Gods. In keep­ing with 17th cen­tury tra­di­tion the fe­male roles are played by men, all wear­ing the flow­ing dresses of that era.

Di­rec­tor Dr. Miles Gre­gory brings Shake­speare’s best work to life with an en­tic­ing tale that is sure to lift your spir­its. Beau­ti­ful Her­mia and Lysander are in love and not so pretty He­lena loves Demetrius. Only Demetrius does not love He­lena. Her­mia is far more beau­ti­ful than He­lena. Love struck Demetrius also wants to be with Her­mia. Egeus, Her­mia’s fa­ther, be­lieves that Demetrius is far more suit­able for his daugh­ter. Egeus gives Her­mia four days to choose: be with Demetrius, spend her life as a nun or face the death penalty. Faced with an im­pos­si­ble choice, Her­mia runs away to the for­est with her true love Lysander. .

Hold on to your seats or stand on your toes in the pit of the out­door the­atre so you don’t miss any of the ac­tion - the ac­tors use the whole globe for their per­for­mance. If you’re stand­ing in the pit you’ll in­ter­act with ac­tors flee­ing the stage and more.

莎士比亞經典戲劇之一《仲夏夜之夢》創作於16 世紀 90 年代,體現了當時文藝復興精神和人文主義思想。該故事以古希臘雅典為背景,講述了兩對年輕人為了爭取自由戀愛和婚姻自主的權力,逃到了古老神秘的森林,在那裡偶遇仙王仙后,卻被精靈施展了魔法,陰差陽錯地愛上了對方的愛侶,由此發生的一系列衝突和麻煩,最後魔法終於得以被解除,大家如願以償,有情人終成眷屬的大團圓成為完美結局。


The four ac­tors will win your heart with their hi­lar­i­ous per­for­mance Max Loban and Thomas Wing­field as Her­mia and He­lena, Pa­trick Car­roll and Will Alexan­der as Demetrius and Lysander.

De­signed by Chantelle Ger­rard and Shona Tawhiao, the imag­i­na­tive and de­light­ful cos­tumes add spark to the char­ac­ters. The Pop-up Global the­atre cre­ates an in­cred­i­ble at­mos­phere and this is def­i­nitely an ex­pe­ri­ence you don’t want to miss!

Dr Gre­gory’s in­spi­ra­tion for cre­at­ing the Pop-up Globe The­atre came from read­ing his daugh­ter a pop-up book. There was a pop-up of the Globe The­atre in the book and his daugh­ter wanted to go to there.

After think­ing about it for a while, Dr Gre­gory de­cided to make his daugh­ter’s wish a re­al­ity and he built the world’s first mag­nif­i­cent fullscale replica of Shake­speare’s Globe The­atre. 幽默的喜劇劇情令觀眾充滿了歡笑和樂趣。1599年莎士比亞所在的宮內大臣劇團在倫敦建造了最初的環球劇場,演出莎士比亞創作的經典劇目,但在 1642 年被關閉,直到 1997 年又在原址重建。環球劇場是一個木製的三層開放式圓形劇場,舞臺上有活板門,演員可以從舞臺下方進入舞臺。舞臺下方有一個空地娛樂區,觀眾可以站著看演出,並且和演員互動。舞臺上方有個平臺,以方便演員在後臺換裝和演奏音樂。庭院四週是三層體育 場風格的座位,觀眾可以邊欣賞演出邊吃零食。

位於南半球新西蘭的POPUP GLOBE 公司完美復刻了 1997 年重建的「莎士比亞環球劇場」,並與白金漢公司攜手延續了 1614 年的表演傳統,整個劇組由來自世界各地的全男性演員和音樂家組成。2018 年的春季,劇組把環球劇場表演方式帶給了悉尼的觀眾,這不但展示的是莎翁舞臺劇四百多年的不衰魅力,還讓現代各國戲劇專家和音樂創意者獲得了在一種新型的劇場空間中實現國際化演出的非凡體驗。

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