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For many Chi­nese peo­ple, Melbourne is re­ferred to as par­adise. The city’s ap­pre­ci­a­tion for the arts can be seen every­where from its street art and ar­chi­tec­ture to its peo­ple. When you travel here with your fam­ily, make sure you have a sched­ule and un­der­stand the pub­lic sys­tem as this will make it eas­ier for you to en­joy all this fab­u­lous city has to of­fer. 墨爾本被很多海外華人視為居住天堂,也連續蟬聯全球最宜居的城市。其藝術氣息的濃厚,從美術,建築,人文等都能體現出來。但對初來乍到者來說,交通和日程安排常常令人煩惱,如何在有限的時間內玩轉墨爾本呢。

The Gothic ar­chi­tec­ture fea­tur­ing yel­low-brown ash­lar tells the story of al­most 250 years of Aus­tralian set­tle­ment, show­cas­ing the ex­cep­tional style favoured by the colonists. With its iconic city trams, the busy life of of­fice work­ers, the un­con­ven­tional street art, and the al­lur­ing cof­fee, it’s all too easy to fall in love with this city. For those on their first visit to Melbourne, brunch in a city café is a must-do on your list, with the scent of freshly cooked ba­con and eggs, ex­pertly made cof­fee and freshly baked cakes... the colours and aro­mas blend slowly, mak­ing the mem­o­ries un­for­get­table.

Driv­ing in Holden’s lat­est and safest Equinox, ac­com­pa­nied with chil­dren’s laugh­ter, we vis­ited the An­i­mal Land Chil­dren's Farm in Dig­gers Rest.

‘We got to ride on the pony; we hugged the rab­bits and roost­ers and milked the cow. The elk was chas­ing our car, we even took photos with the al­paca! Look! There are swans and moun­tain goats!’ What a won­der­ful ad­ven­ture this has been for city kids!


市中心黃褐色磚石建造的哥德式建築,訴說著澳洲二百多年的歷史,展現當時殖民者不可一世的氣派。市中心來往穿梭的電車,行之匆匆的上班族,標新立異的街頭壁畫,迷人的 咖啡香,每一處的場景讓人迷戀。



騎迷你馬,抱小兔子和公雞,擠牛乳,麋鹿追著車,駝羊圍著孩子,餵 天鵝,玩山羊等等,只要孩子們一出現,笑聲就充滿農莊。

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