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21 JAN­UARY - 18 FE­BRU­ARY Re­la­tion­ships get a push into new ter­ri­tory this month. If a pro­fes­sional al­liance lacks lus­tre, your dat­ing style is in a rut, or a long-term love has lost its al­lure, now is the time to do some­thing. It’s all about what’s said and how. With shared val­ues and fi­nan­cial pri­or­i­ties up for dis­cus­sion, it’s cru­cial to fo­cus on the de­tails. STYLE ICON: Kerry Washington


20 APRIL – 20 MAY You get a chance to break a bad habit this month and to have clo­sure on an is­sue linked to your fam­ily or to where you live. The up­shot is a shift in your am­bi­tions and in the choice of peo­ple you sur­round your­self with. A re­cent ob­ses­sion with your body calms down, let­ting you fo­cus on a rather sur­pris­ing crush. STYLE ICON: Adele


23 JULY – 22 AU­GUST This month brings the start of a two-year life and style makeover. Your look, at­ti­tude and how peo­ple re­act to you are all ripe for change. Deep down you know it. A new way of liv­ing and be­ing is likely to emerge now, with your re­la­tion­ships (in­clud­ing your re­la­tion­ship with money) also ready to evolve. STYLE ICON: Jen­nifer Lopez


24 OC­TO­BER – 22 NOVEM­BER You could have a shot at fame this month, not by be­ing cen­tre stage but as the mover and shaker be­hind the scenes. With­out your in­volve­ment things wouldn’t get done. Turn­ing what you love to do into what you do for a liv­ing gets closer, and ro­mance could be an added mo­ti­va­tion for your work and well­be­ing, too. STYLE ICON: Katy Perry


19 FE­BRU­ARY – 20 MARCH A love af­fair with money – or with some­one who has money – is pos­si­ble this month, but the key to hap­pi­ness now is to value your­self more. Be­lieve in your own worth, not in a nar­cis­sis­tic way, and op­por­tu­ni­ties to live the life you want will come to you more eas­ily. In­vest­ing in a health or life­style re­think could help to re­launch the real you. STYLE ICON: Emily Blunt


21 MAY – 21 JUNE Your usual ro­man­tic moves could lose their thrill now, as whether you’re in love or want to be it all boils down to friend­ship. A hot friend could move into the ro­mance zone, or you could re­dis­cover what at­tracted you to your lover in the first place. At work, don’t over-think things; let your in­stincts guide you to fresh in­sights in­stead. STYLE ICON: Natalie Port­man


23 AU­GUST – 22 SEPTEM­BER The trickle of love that be­gan last month could be­come a tsunami of pas­sion. The price you may have to pay is emo­tional rather than fi­nan­cial, but any fears about com­mit­ment will fade as you look at ro­man­tic to­geth­er­ness and work col­lab­o­ra­tions in a new light. Don’t want to take things at face value? Then ask, an­a­lyse and dis­cuss. STYLE ICON: Car­men Kass


23 NOVEM­BER – 21 DE­CEM­BER An at­ti­tude ad­just­ment that could change the way you look at the world is on the cards. The shift could be as soft as a breeze or like a hur­ri­cane as it ac­ti­vates your unique tal­ents, love life and views on cre­at­ing a le­gacy of your own. Re­think­ing your val­ues and com­pan­ions is part of the deal too, in what could be a ma­jor life over­haul. STYLE ICON: Lara Stone


21 MARCH – 19 APRIL You’re tak­ing the lead in love, and with some game-chang­ing in­flu­ences around now, things could move on to new lev­els. Spon­tane­ity works for you in all sit­u­a­tions and so does tun­ing into sub­tle un­der­cur­rents. You might be the star of the show this month, but the smart move is to un­der­sell not over­play your role. STYLE ICON: Reese Witherspoon


22 JUNE – 22 JULY You might need to cur­tail a spend­ing habit this month. But in­stead of feel­ing de­prived, cul­ti­vate the mind­set that what’s worth hav­ing is worth wait­ing for. Pour your heart into your ca­reer too. You get back what you put in and a love af­fair with your work (or even at work) could im­prove your in­come and your mood. STYLE ICON: Se­lena Gomez


23 SEPTEM­BER – 23 OC­TO­BER Your re­la­tion­ship sta­tus could change for the bet­ter now. A fling could be­come the real thing and a longterm love could move on to the next stage. It might be tempt­ing to put a re­cent surge in in­de­pen­dence on hold and to side­line friends and am­bi­tions, but your mis­sion is to ac­cept that life is a bal­anc­ing act. STYLE ICON: Kate Winslet


22 DE­CEM­BER – 20 JAN­UARY Work might need to be placed lower on your pri­or­i­ties, as what’s hap­pen­ing at home be­comes more in­trigu­ing. A new and more in­ti­mate way of con­nect­ing is likely, lead­ing you to­wards more ex­cit­ing re­la­tion­ships. See­ing some­one’s true worth, rather than their fi­nan­cial value to you, is the game-changer this month. STYLE ICON: Noomi Ra­pace

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