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Pip Edwards and Claire Tre­go­ning of P.E Na­tion.

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Deep breath in, deep breath out. Reach for the bars, reach for the stars. Start your own busi­ness: P.E Na­tion – well, why not? It’s been brew­ing for a while, got to get it out there and dress the na­tion, cause a sensation, ride the wave of ath­leti­cism, sculpt those hips, tone, mono­tone, add bright, brash flashes of 80s colours. A mil­lion rea­sons to look good, power through the gym, power through the day, take a road trip with Jane Fonda in a fad­ing, beaten-up old Honda, end up in Bondi/Santa Mon­ica/Ipanema and play it out on Mus­cle Beach. Blue skies. In­fin­ity. Gods and god­desses, abs all fab, an in­ner ur­gency, a true con­fi­dence, nice con­tour, job done. Ob­ses­sion, these clothes are that good. Body­builders bal­anced, hand­stand, head­stand, dumb­bells, strength and pre­ci­sion. Pip Edwards and Claire Tre­go­ning are the women in­spir­ing us to seize the mo­ment. In the age of the so­cial, they are blaz­ing a trail, mak­ing their mark. To­gether they are a force of na­ture, all en­deav­our, work, work and work harder, all en­ergy and charisma. Pump­ing iron for blood. An­gels up, hell yeah!

Claire Tre­go­ning (left), Pip Ed­wards and all fe­male mod­els wear P.E Na­tion.

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