When re­search­ing for her es­say ‘Meet the parennials’, then preg­nant writer Amelia Lester learnt a lit­tle along the way, too. Speak­ing to mil­len­nial par­ents, Lester was en­light­ened to all the new forms of par­ent­ing pop­ping up in 2018, one be­ing an abil­ity to fu­ture-proof. “I picked up a lot of ideas, in­clud­ing set­ting up a Gmail ad­dress for my new­born son to use later in his life. More than that, though, I got a sense of the var­ied chal­lenges par­ents face when they em­bark on this jour­ney at dif­fer­ent ages,” she said. “Be­com­ing a par­ent very young is no harder than do­ing it older and vice-versa; it’s just dif­fer­ent.” An­other ma­jor take­away? “Parennials love to share Google docs.”

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