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WHO does not have IBS these days?

If you are free of bloat­ing, wind and di­ges­tive dis­com­fort con­sider your­self part of the lucky mi­nor­ity!

Let’s dis­sect this prob­lem, be­cause it seems these days our bow­els have a lot to be grumpy and ir­ri­ta­ble about!

When it comes to gut symp­toms, natur­opaths are al­ways think­ing: Why is this per­son’s di­ges­tion com­pro­mised?

What is ef­fect­ing elim­i­na­tion, as­sim­i­la­tion and ab­sorp­tion?

And what is the to­tal col­lat­eral dam­age here?

The more ar­eas in­volved, the longer it takes for heal­ing to oc­cur.

If you suf­fer di­ges­tive symp­toms that are dis­tress­ing, un­com­fort­able and even em­bar­rass­ing you should con­sider if the fol­low­ing ap­ply to you:

food from a natur­o­pathic view is in­ter­est­ing.

Many pa­tients come in and say ‘I’m not coeliac but I know I bloat after eat­ing bread’.

We would then in­ves­ti­gate if wheat, gluten or yeast are the cause, or if you are sim­ply eat­ing too much bread and there­fore missing out on other


di­ges­tive foods.

You may have a food in­tol­er­ance, or sim­ply not eat enough fi­bre, water and func­tional di­ges­tive foods.


Is stress caus­ing you to make bad food choices and crave foods that don’t agree?

Or are you so stressed that your di­ges­tion is churn­ing and no mat­ter what you eat, it seems to cause bloat­ing and re­flux?

Do your symp­toms flare up with PMS, or are they part of an un­der­ly­ing di­ag­no­sis like PCOS and en­dometrio­sis?

Work­ing with food and hor­mones can help a lot of di­ges­tive symp­toms.

Has a


pathogen (par­a­site, bac­te­ria or virus) com­pro­mised gut im­mu­nity and lead to bloat­ing?

Com­monly pa­tients say they have al­ways had bloat­ing since con­tract­ing glan­du­lar fever, Bali belly, or other de­bil­i­tat­ing in­fec­tions.

MED­I­CA­TIONS: Is bloat­ing/nau­sea/re­flux a com­mon side ef­fect of your med­i­ca­tion?

If some­one says to you they have di­ges­tive symp­toms that are dis­tress­ing, un­com­fort­able and even em­bar­rass­ing, but ev­ery­one says noth­ing is wrong, get a natur­opath to in­ves­ti­gate, they might be able to help.


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