Is it menopause?

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TRUE menopause is de­fined as 12 months of no pe­riod, but many women present with symp­toms around menopause age, whilst still men­stru­at­ing.

Of­ten the worst symp­toms oc­cur in the peri-menopausal years – as the cy­cle starts to down reg­u­late, but be­fore it com­pletely stops.

In tra­di­tional medicine, menopause is viewed as a time of com­ing into your wis­dom.

It’s a time of re­duced fer­til­ity, but in­creased cre­ativ­ity and re­gain­ing en­ergy.

This is de­fi­antly NOT how my mod­ern menopause pa­tients view the ex­pe­ri­ence.

It seems to them to be a time of deep fa­tigue, chaos and un­ex­plained health is­sues.

In­ter­est­ingly oe­stro­gen and pro­ges­terone re­cep­tors are not just ‘down there’, they are found in our heart, lungs, mus­cles, thy­roid, liver, brain and this is why symp­toms can be found far and wide in the body.

As sex hor­mones de­cline many women no­tice those ge­netic weak­ness start­ing to ap­pear – higher choles­terol, blood pres­sure, weight gain, blood su­gar is­sues, arthri­tis, as well as an in­crease in PMS symp­toms: headaches, food crav­ings, ap­petite change, anx­i­ety, pain, breast ten­der­ness, hot flushes, bloat­ing, heavy or ir­reg­u­lar cy­cles.

As our body goes through a nat­u­ral de­cline in sex hor­mones, other hor­mone path­ways take up the work – es­pe­cially our adrenal and stress hor­mones.

Women who are most stressed, anx­ious and de­pleted (tired) go­ing into menopause are more likely to have the worst symp­toms as the stress hor­mones are al­ready too busy and don’t have enough re­serve to take over the role of the de­clin­ing sex hor­mones.

So whilst menopause is a nat­u­ral event, and you can ex­pect some symp­toms, natur­opaths will spend a lot of time work­ing with you to build up re­serve en­ergy, re­duce stress re­ac­tions and ad­dress un­der­ly­ing in­flam­ma­tory pro­cesses that are in your ge­netic pool (such as choles­terol, arthri­tis, di­a­betes, blood pres­sure etc).

We sup­port women through all ar­eas of hor­monal health, but par­tic­u­larly in the per­i­menopause years, herbs are gold!

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