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IT may seem a bit pre­ma­ture to be think­ing about sum­mer hol­i­days while the tem­per­a­tures are still dip­ping be­low zero overnight, but sum­mer will be here be­fore we know it.

As the weather warms up many peo­ple and their pets spread around the con­ti­nent on their an­nual sum­mer breaks.

Tak­ing a pet from its nor­mal en­vi­ron­ment and tak­ing it to the beach or an­other hol­i­day site can ex­pose it to po­ten­tial health risks that it would not nor­mally be ex­posed to. Tick paral­y­sis is the clas­sic sit­u­a­tion for this. In North East Vic­to­ria we are lucky enough not to have paral­y­sis ticks en­demic to our re­gion, but many coastal and more hu­mid ar­eas of Aus­tralia are not so lucky.

Pre­ven­tion of paral­y­sis ticks is a two pronged at­tack us­ing anti-tick col­lars/spot-ons/tablets and daily searches for any paral­y­sis ticks.

It is best to be­gin tick pre­ven­ta­tive treat­ments a week be­fore head­ing into a tick af­fected area and to con­tinue them ap­pro­pri­ately whilst you are away.

Spe­cial de­vices for pulling ticks off an an­i­mal can also be pur­chased from your vet clinic.

Ap­ply­ing methy­lated spir­its care­fully to a tick can also aid in caus­ing them to fall off.

If you do find a tick on your pet whilst in a tick area it is best to see a vet­eri­nar­ian as soon as pos­si­ble to have them as­sessed.

Heart­worm is also much more preva­lent in other ar­eas of Aus­tralia than North East Vic­to­ria.

It al­ways pays to have your dog pro­tected against this po­ten­tially fa­tal dis­ease, but if you are head­ing to the trop­ics or other ar­eas with large mos­quito pop­u­la­tions then the rec­om­men­da­tion for pre­ven­ta­tives be­comes even stronger.

It is also worth plan­ning ahead to make sure that your pet’s vac­ci­na­tions are up to date be­fore tak­ing them away with you.

Con­versely if you are leav­ing your pet at the board­ing ken­nel get­ting them up to date with their re­quired vac­ci­na­tions a few weeks prior to your va­ca­tion is al­ways a good idea.

It is fairly com­mon to be vac­ci­nat­ing pets on Christ­mas Eve for peo­ple with their cars full and surf­boards on the roof, but this isn’t the ideal sit­u­a­tion.

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