Fancy nut but­ter toast with fruit

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WHILE young Aussies are fork­ing out on pricey sup­ple­ments in a bid to build mus­cle and cut weight, new ev­i­dence has re­vealed an un­ex­pected source of pro­tein: the hum­ble loaf of bread.

The find­ings, from the Grains & Legumes Nu­tri­tion Coun­cil’s ( GLNC) an­nual food cat­e­gory au­dit, re­vealed that close to one in ev­ery five loaves of whole­meal/ whole grain bread as­sessed was con­sid­ered a ‘good source’ of pro­tein, boast­ing at least 10gm per serve – the same amount found in a glass of milk or two boiled eggs.

Felic­ity Curtain, Ac­cred­ited Prac­tis­ing Di­eti­tian and Nu­tri­tion Man­ager for GLNC, said grain foods like wheat, rye, bar­ley and oats are nat­u­rally rich in plant-based pro­tein, on top of other nu­tri­ents like vi­ta­mins, min­er­als, di­etary fi­bre and phy­to­chem­i­cals.

This recipe, pro­vided by Bak­ers De­light in part­ner­ship with the GLNC, can help with the pro­tein in­take in your diet and serves two chil­dren or one adult.

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Toast the bread in a toaster. Spread each slice with 1 ta­ble­spoon of nut but­ter. Top each slice of toast with slices of ba­nana, straw­berry and the blue­ber­ries.

Recipe and im­age kindly pro­vided by Bak­ers De­light.

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