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The first thing to re­mem­ber about win­ter, is that it is not just about colds and flus, all sorts of health con­di­tions can flare up.

This is be­cause we tend to spend more time in­doors and spend pro­longed time un­der heat­ing, and whilst our bod­ies want to hi­ber­nate and it re­ally feels like there are less hours in the day, we are part of a so­ci­ety that ex­pects as many hours of work/play/so­cial time as in sum­mer.

We also tend to take on typ­i­cal win­ter be­hav­iors, be­ing in­clined to move less and eat heav­ier richer foods.

Here is a list of some com­mon health is­sues that ex­ac­er­bate in win­ter:

· Aches and pains (mus­cle and joint aches, arthri­tis, pain , headaches, fi­bromyal­gia)

· Cold and flu (sore throat, headache, si­nus in­fec­tions, hot and cold temps, runny or blocked nose, voice loss, cough).

· Lung and resp dx (bron­chi­tis, asthma, lung in­fec­tions, chronic cough)

· Fa­tigue ( chronic fa­tigue flare ups or gen­er­al­ized lethargy)

· Low mood and de­pres­sion (cant be both­ered’s, anx­i­ety, de­pres­sion, sea­sonal af­fec­tive dis­or­der – SAD , win­ter blues)

· Kids ill­ness ( croup, ton­stili­tis, asthma, cough)

We see these con­di­tions in clinic all the time, but def­i­nitely they are on the rise at this time of year. Luck­ily, there are many strate­gies spe­cific to win­ter that can min­i­mize the symp­toms for you.

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with Natur­opaths Belinda McPher­son and So­phie Lor­back (BHSci. Natur­opa­thy)

RUG UP: Win­ter can in­crease the like­li­hood of cer­tain ill­nesses.

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