Fleas and win­ter time

Wangaratta Chronicle - North East Regional Extra - - News - by Dr Mea­gan Lee BVSC (Hons), Ve­teri­nar­ian

YES, it is true fleas aren’t gen­er­ally as ac­tive in the cooler months, how­ever they are al­ways around and can still ha­rass your pets.

When deal­ing with fleas we rec­om­mend preven­tion rather than in­ter­ven­tion, this means treat­ing your pets for fleas all year round rather than sea­son­ally.

You may not al­ways see them but they can still be there.

Sea­sonal treat­ing of fleas can mean the whole life cy­cle of the flea can be­gin again, which means your pets are then back to their itchy, un­com­fort­able stage which not only an­noys them but you as well.

Year round treat­ment will pre­vent the flea life cy­cle from be­gin­ning.

Fleas live in all kinds of en­vi­ron­ments from dirt and sand to car­pet.

If your pet is un­pro­tected, fleas will jump onto your pets, feed and then lay ap­prox­i­mately 4050 eggs a day – this can be up to 2000 in a life time - which leaves them to fall off your dog or cat and all over your home.

The flea eggs then hatch into lar­vae and th­ese can live in car­pets, fab­rics and small crevices in your pet’s en­vi­ron­ment.

The lar­vae then de­velop into pu­pae, here they can stay dor­mant for long pe­ri­ods of up to one year and hatch in re­sponse to heat and move­ment.

Once on your pet adult fleas spend the rest of their lives there, feed­ing and lay­ing eggs that in­fest your home within a mat­ter of days.

It can take up to eight weeks or longer to fully re­move a flea in­fes­ta­tion once it is es­tab­lished in your home, this again comes back to the preven­tion rather than in­ter­ven­tion idea.

There is a wide range of flea con­trol prod­ucts from tablets to spot on treat­ments and more, this helps to ac­com­mo­date to each in­di­vid­ual pet’s and owner’s needs.

Talk to your lo­cal vet clinic about flea preven­tion that will best suit your pet and your lifestyle.

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