Words of beauty take out po­etry slam

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cover their flaws.” “Why?” “Be­cause you make us be­lieve we should.” “But what we don’t re­alise, “is that the flaws make us who we are.”

“Our flaws show that we are not the same.”

“That we are dif­fer­ent in our own spe­cial way.”

“That we don’t have to strive for per­fec­tion.”

“That those hours that we spend in front of a mir­ror, “are a waste of time.” “That the peo­ple around you are also strug­gling.”

“To sur­vive this cruel and su­per­fi­cial so­ci­ety that we live in.”

“So let’s stop for a minute.”

“We choose to in­flu­ence our­selves with the things we see.”

“Those bright coloured ads all over TV.”

“You know, those ones that de­mand that we have to be per­fect.”

“The large, mas­caraed, per­fect doe eyes.” “The long, glossy hair.” “The per­fect face.” “The skinny waist.” “The tanned, un­blem­ished skin.” “The ‘bar­bie doll’ figure.” “This is our view of true beauty?”

“Beauty should not be as­so­ci­ated with pain.”

“Girls shouldn’t un­dergo surgery to meet YOUR im­pos­si­ble stan­dards.”

“Your stan­dards are up here (*ev­ery­one raise hand), which makes our self con­fi­dence, down here (*lower hand).”

“Your stan­dards aren’t worth the pain.”

“Or the shame.”

“Don’t let your looks be the thing that shows ev­ery­one who your true self is.”

“It’s not about how we look on the out­side, more how we look on the in­side.”

“I may not be per­fect in your eyes, but at least I care about the peo­ple around me.”

“I may not be per­fect in your eyes, but I’m kind hearted and un­der­stand­ing.”

“I may not be per­fect in your eyes, but I’m able to make peo­ple laugh when they need it.”

“I may not be per­fect in your eyes, but I’m happy with the body I’m in.”

“You might not be per­fect, but girls, you are you and that’s all you need to be.”

‘Let’s stop for a Minute’ PHOTO: Mel Guy

YOUNG PO­ETS: Year eight stu­dents at Galen Catholic Col­lege, Jessie Naus, Jenna Woods, El­liza De­maj, Charley Hall and Sarah Young, were among those who put their po­etry skills to the test in a ‘po­etry slam’ com­pe­ti­tion. A team from Galen will progress to the first heat of the OutLoud po­etry slam in Mel­bourne on Au­gust 7. The win­ning Galen year eight po­etry slam en­try, per­formed by Jessie, Jenna, El­liza and Sarah, was: “Pan­tene” “Stronger is beau­ti­ful” “May­belline” “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s May­belline” “Olay” “Look up to ten years younger in four weeks” “Covergirl” “I am what I make up” “Let’s stop for a minute.” “Let’s think about the world we live in.”

“Let’s think about your choice of words.”

“Let’s think about how you treat us.” “Let’s stop for a minute.” “Day af­ter day, girls feel in­se­cure in any way.”

“Girls cover them­selves with a mask.”

“But what is the ‘sup­posed’ mask?” “Makeup.” “Girls wear makeup to

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