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Richard Smith: 130kmh might be more sen­si­ble same as France and many other parts of Europe as some sec­tions of the hwy are in need of resur­fac­ing. For those the speed could re­duce to 110kmh

Stephanie Pur­chase: I don’t think our roads are safe enough for a speed of that limit! Fix the roads first!!

Carl Gar­cia: 120 kms but they need to fix some parts of the Hume fwy to al­low higher speeds

Chris N Brid­get Wal­lis-McKendry: Worlds best prac­tise - open the speed limit for 1 Month, mon­i­tor the speed, po­lice the area for dan­ger­ous driv­ing and at the end of the month set the speed limit at the mean speed mea­sured over the pe­riod. That way the speed is set in a demo­cratic way to what the pub­lic wants

Ja­son Oils Brooker: I voted yes even though my cars can’t get to that speed. But many cars I have driven com­fort­ably can. I drive this road ev­ery day and would feel safe driv­ing it. Drive at a speed that you feel con­fi­dent at driv­ing, this doesn’t mean you have to drive at 140, it says top speed is 140.

Linda Mel­huish: it is hard to keep the car straight at 120km pass­ing as it is, there is hardly any room out there.

Lynette Tar­rant: Some peo­ple al­ready speed well past the 110, mean­ing if it’s in­creased to 140 you’ll also have those peo­ple go­ing well above that aswell.

Dok­lin Bul­lock: matched to both the driv­ers abil­ity and the car/bikes abil­ity. So in or­der to drive at 140kmh you need both your car and your driv­ing skills as­sessed and a per­mit/li­cense is­sued. Trucks and bus’s pro­hib­ited as are li­cence per­mit hold­ers (need a full li­cense)

Paul McCully: in­ter­sec­tions, no drive­ways en­ter­ing the Hume High­way and it be­comes a proper Free­way, re­duce risks of cat­tle, deer & roos be­ing hit, oh and a third lane to al­low for slower cars, car­a­vans & trucks. Once this is all fixed, I reckon it’s a goer...

Sheree Wil­loughby: No. It would be fine if your car was 100% road­wor­thy and your driv­ing skills were 100% but un­for­tu­nately many think they are and they aren’t!! Too many near misses as it can­not ac­count for so def­i­nitely NO!

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