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The same sex mar­riage sur­vey ques­tion is very sim­ple, but one too dif­fi­cult it seems for mem­bers of the gov­ern­ment to de­cide on their own.

Peo­ple are be­ing asked whether peo­ple of the same sex should be given the right to marry. There are only two an­swers that can be given. The an­swer is ei­ther yes or no. It is a sur­vey that is vol­un­tary and in­deed politi­cians can dis­miss the re­sults and act ac­cord­ing to their own be­liefs.

Con­flat­ing that sim­ple ques­tion with ideas that are well be­yond the scope of what that ques­tion asks, makes the sim­ple far more com­plex than it should be. It is not ask­ing what should and shouldn’t be taught in schools. It is not about deny­ing free speech. It is not about the best fam­ily unit to raise chil­dren. It is sim­ply about whether the right to be mar­ried should be ex­tended to same sex cou­ples across Aus­tralia.

The no­tion of same sex cou­ples mar­ry­ing may chal­lenge re­li­gious doc­trine. Though mar­riage is of­ten con­ducted in re­li­gious set­tings, it is ac­tu­ally a sec­u­lar in­sti­tu­tion and there is a le­gal frame­work that sup­ports it.

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