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There was as much hype around the club on Satur­day af­ter Terry Don­ni­son’s hole-in-one on the fourth as the four4th Cox Plate win for Winx.

Terry with his great in­di­vid­ual ef­fort was made even bet­ter later in the day, as it gave him and his part­ners Greame Geisler and Duart Per­rin a win by less than a shot.

The club con­grat­u­lated Grant Clark and his team of vol­un­teers as they put to­gether a n en­joy­able Am­brose event with a field of 114 play­ers.

The club thanked all event spon­sors who helped make it a suc­cess.

Fine weather and great course con­di­tions early in the week cer­tainly made for some great scores.

Mon­day’s event saw Neville Howe take it out with 39 points.

On Tues­day Chris­tine Caig’s 43 points had her six points clear of the field. Thurs­day had three scores of 40 plus. Ke­van McMil­lan 41 (A grade), Tom Pap­ley 42 (B grade) and Ken Sum­sion 40 (C grade) were clear win­ners of their grades.

Sun­day was no ex­cep­tion as Tony Hock­ley won with 41 points.

The club cham­pi­onships start on Satur­day Novem­ber 17 and the tee time sheets are now up in the club­house. Phone the club and put your name down to play.

This week’s warm weather fore­cast should see some more great scores this week. Re­sults: Mon­day, sin­gle sta­ble­ford (field of 17): 1st Neville Howe (19) 39; Best front nine: Neil Love­less 20; Best back nine: Ge­orge Haxby 22; DTL: Mal Hirt 38.

Tues­day, women’s sta­ble­ford: 1st Chris­tine Caig (26) 43; DTL: Ber­nadette Clark 37; NTP: 4th and 8th Dei­dre Pilk­ing­ton, 11th Chris Caig, 14th Heather Mif­sud, 16th Olga Pea­son.

Thurs­day, sin­gle sta­ble­ford (field of 25): A grade: 1st Ke­van Mc Mil­lan (9) 41, 2nd Michael Ney­lan (12) 39, 3rd Trevor Franklin (13) 38; Bgrade:1st Tom Pap­ley (17) 42, 2nd Peter Bog­art (18) 39cb, 3rd Neville Howe (19) 39; C grade: 1st Ken Sum­sion (36) 40, 2nd Richard Gould (28) 38cb, 3rd John Garner (30) 38; DTL: Joe Tonso 39, Des Kerr 38, Trevor Burnie 38, G.Alexan­der 38, Arti Koop­man 38, Mal Hirt 37cb; NTP: 8th Matthew Ross, 9th Frank Hy­att, 11th Neville Howe, 14th W Pap­ley.

Thurs­day twi­light sta­ble­ford (field of 33): 1st Peter Fe­dorenko (19) 21; Vis­i­tor: Matt Wouters (10) 15; DTL: Greg Noo­nan, Mark Ready; NTP: 4th Phil John­son, 8th Daniel Kelly, 9th Peter Fe­dorenko.

Satur­day, three per­son am­brose (38 groups): Scratch: 1st Ryan Ham­mond, Leon Cook, Matthew Long (57), 2nd Sean Coombs, Jaye Kruger, John Chit­ten­den (61); Hand­i­capL1st Greame Geisler, Terry Don­ni­son, Duart Per­rin (6 1/3) 53 2/3, 2nd Craig Hob­son, Ge­off Hob­son, Matthew John­son (4 1/2) 54 1/2, 3rd Cameron Reid, Justin Pear­son, Dylan Gal­lasch (10) 56; NTP: Men: 8th Ian Archer, 9th Frank Hy­att, 11th Bob Calder­ara, 14th Dar­ren Rich­mond; Women: 4th Chris­tine Caig, 16th Dei­dre Pilk­ing­ton; Hole-in-one: 4th Terry Don­ni­son.

Sun­day, sin­gle sta­ble­ford (field of 14): 1st Tony Hock­ley (24) 41, 2nd Martin Atkins (15) 36, 3rd Rick Schenk (10) 34cb; DTL: Tony Power 34, Nick Lock­wood 34; NTP: 8th Des Kerr, 9th Rus­sell Kerr, 11th Tony Power, 14th Bernie Flynn, 16th Martin Atkins.

Se­niors fes­ti­val of golf: 1st Ken Sum­sion, 2nd Michael Ney­lan; Women’s: Lorna Hoskins. Greg Dal­ton 36, Peter Ho­j­nacki 36, Tony Cardillo 36, Gavin Rat­cliffe 35, Ron Hef­ford 35, Pat Fer­gu­son 35, Terry Hayler 35, Paul Crocker 35, Hector Melo 35, Jack O’Dwyer 35 Phil Ros­siter 35, An­drew Kin­caid 35, Rob Coelho 35, John McDonough 35, Peter McNulty 35.

NTP: Alan Barnes sev­enth, Gary Tay­lor 15th, Gra­ham Mar­tine 18th.

Pro pin Graeme Jarvis (A), Shane Kinder (B), Peter Cullen (C).

Mys­tery six: Kirk Dalziell 14 (A), Ian Decker 15 (B), Len Cole 18 (C).

There were two eagles: Pat John­son sec­ond and Paul McNulty eighth. The women played a sta­ble­ford round. Field size 17. Kylie Gold­ing 39, Judy Mag­ill 38. DTL: Deb Corstor­phin 35, Molly An­swerth 35, Del Baker 33, Irene Eastham 33.

NTP: Rose Gal­lagher sev­enth, Kylie Gold­ing 15th, Jill Lit­tle 18th.

Mys­tery six: Molly An­swerth 16.


Tues­day’s event was a 4BBB ag­gre­gate sta­ble­ford. Re­sults: Field size 92. Travis Maher/John Maher 88, Phil Wilkin/Doug McNab 78, Nev Cle­ments/Phil Ros­siter 75.

DTL: Matt Far­thing/Matt Lub­berink 75, Alan Man­ley/Josh O’Brien Reiter 74, Mar­jan Pazek/Sam Mazza 74, Brett Hotchkin/Rus­sell Tay­lor 74, Michael Gar­gan/Peter Hen­shall 73, Tony McGrath/Brian Robert­son 73, Paul Mitchell/Dean Bubeck 72, Dave Win­field/Iain Luck 72, Brain Kinder/Leigh Green­ing 72, Tom Pap­ley/Matt Ross 71.

Best in­di­vid­ual: A grade: Rus­sell Tay­lor 40; B grade: John Maher 46 C grade: John An­drew 43.

Birdies: Josh O’Brien Reiter, Chris Thomas 15th.

Mys­tery six: Rus­sell Tay­lor (A) 17, Rick Har­ri­son (B) 17.

Pro pin: Brett Hotchkin (A), Eric Dep­peler (B). Thurs­day’s event was a sta­ble­ford. Field size 36. A grade: Glenn Vas­sett 38, Gra­ham McLure 38. B grade: Phil Wilkin 41, Matt McIn­tosh 40. DTL: Neil Me­harry 40, Rick Har­ri­son 39, John Camp­bell 39, Les Mad­den 39, John Grace 39, Ken Kitchen 37, Sam Mar­shall 37, Glenn Macdon­ald 37.

Twi­light nine hole

Week end­ing Oc­to­ber 26. Men: David Boyd 20, Alan Weir 18, David Boyer 16cb.

Women: Joan Nel­son 18, Dawn Camp­bell 16, Chris Thomas 16.

West Gipp­s­land vet­er­ans

West Gipp­s­land vet­eran golfers played a sta­ble­ford at War­ragul re­cently. Re­sults: Field size 65. A grade: Leigh Green­ing 38, Bill Estrada 37. B grade: David Rash 37, Char­lie Hardy 36. C grade: Ian Hem­pill 37, Michael Banger 34. DTL: Peter Bray 37, Kevin Hall 37, John McFar­lane 35, James O’Brien 35, Al­lan Lo­gan 35, Trevor Burnie 34, John Bluns­den 34, Ron Car­roll 34, Brian Far­ley 34, Sam Mazza 33, Gor­don Edwards 33.

NTP: Peter Cooke sev­enth, Ron Seamer 15th, Lionel Ma­hony 18th.

Birdies: Bill Estrada, Ron Car­roll, James O’Brien, James O’Brien, Brian Far­ley, Wili­iam Rilen, Al­lan Lo­gan, John McFar­lane.

Gra­ham Raw­son re­turned to the win­ners list in B grade with a very fine score of plus 5.

DTL Peter Down­ward +5, Kerry Nielsen +5, Brian Maun­der +4, Colin Hunt +4, Gra­ham Austin +3, John Gar­diner +3.

NTP: 5th Rob Ra­m­age, 8th Shane Lee, 10th Graeme Alexan­der, 14th Glenn Flow­ers.

Wed­nes­day will be a sta­ble­ford event, with Satur­day be­ing the Novem­ber monthly medal.


With some women play­ing away it was a small field who con­tested the women’s di­vi­sion of their nine-hole event last Thurs­day.

But the men made up the dif­fer­ence in the num­ber play­ing.

The win­ner in the women’s di­vi­sion was Anne Neil­son with 17 points. The run­ners up were Marg Mur­ray and Mar­ion Devlin with 16 points each.

In the men’s di­vi­sion it was a joint win with Mike War­ing and Bill Petschack each scor­ing 19 points.

The run­ner up was Kerry Neil­son with 18 points, fol­lowed by Richard Ford with 16 points, and Gra­ham Dor­ling, Ben Wy­att and Phil Edwards with 15 points. 39, Steve Pearse 39, Noel Cor­nish 39, Bruce Aplin 38, Mark Rob­jant 38, Char­lie Street 38, Ken Street 37, Ste­wart Clun­ing 37, Rod Boon 37.

Hasthorpe tro­phy fi­nal: War­wick Griggs/ Bruce Aplin de­feated Ste­wart Clun­ing/Steve Gould.


Re­sults: Oc­to­ber 17, Memo­rial Day 4BBB sta­ble­ford ag­gre­gate: 1st Ker­ren Lud­low (20) and Sue DeVries (28) 72, 2nd Cheryl Dep­peler (21) and Bev Keily (24) 69; DTL: Trudi Mum­ford and Aileen McNair 68, Di Moody and Di Larsen, 68, Sue Tabuteau and Lyn Pow­ell 67; NTP: 5th Sil­vija Brown, 13th Bev Keily.

Oc­to­ber 24, sta­ble­ford: 1st Sue Rogers (22) 40cb, 2nd Bev Keily (24) 40; DTL: Di Bay­ley 39, Beth Lans­down 38, Donna Mel­lon 38; NTP: 5th Jenny Ver­st­e­den, 15th Sue Rogers.


Re­sults: Tues­day sta­ble­ford (21 play­ers): 1st Sue Devries 22cb, 2nd Paul Fog­a­rty 22cb; DTL: Jenny Van­der­ske­den 22, Norm Mether 21, Den­nis Scam­bler 21, Bill Tay­lor 19; NTP: Norm Mether; Brad­man’s: Steve Gould.

Thurs­day four ball mixed (54 play­ers): 1st Keith Owen/Mar­i­lyn Kerr 31, 2nd Char­lie Hooker/Akos Kerekes 27; DTL: Sue Wil­liams/John Kerr 27, Rhonda Mether/Graeme Har­ris 26; Toby Davie/Ron Pyke (25), Heather Sav­ige/Lau­rie Snow­ball (25), Reg Bars­dell/Tony Price (25), Max Roberts/So­nia Roberts (25), Char­lie Street/Rob Street 25; NTP: 13th Viv Davy, 15th Paul Fog­a­rty; Brad­man’s: Kevin Fisher/Hank Fid­de­laars.

Match play fi­nal run­ner up He­len Cogh­lan (left) and win­ner Kerri Ahearn (right) are con­grat­u­lated by An­nie Boyer, who has spon­sored the event for the past 10 years.

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