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CAT­TLE num­bers in­creased by

61 head to 6835 at the Roma Store Sale. Cat­tle were drawn for a wide sup­ply area in­clud­ing Alice Springs and over­all qual­ity of the yard­ing was re­duced. A good panel of buy­ers was present and op­er­at­ing se­lec­tively. Medium weight year­ling steers to feed ex­pe­ri­enced lit­tle change for the qual­ity penned, how­ever most other classes of steers sold to a cheaper trend, with de­creases of 6c to 12c/kg. Light weight year­ling heifers to re­stock­ers or back­ground av­er­aged 7c/kg less. Light weight cows eased in price, while the medium and heavy weights ex­pe­ri­enced lit­tle change.

Light weight year­ling steers av­er­aged ap­prox­i­mately 280c, with some reach­ing

310.2c/kg. A fair sam­ple of steers weigh­ing 280-330kg sold to re­stock­ers up to 292c to av­er­age 284c/kg. Medium weights av­er­aged 287c and made to 294.2c, while the lesser qual­ity av­er­aged

243c/kg. Heavy weights more than 400kg to feed sold from

270c to 278c/kg. Light weight year­ling heifers reached

242.2c to av­er­age 228c, while the lesser qual­ity lines av­er­aged 197c/kg. Medium weight year­ling heifers sold up to 247c to av­er­age 244c, with those go­ing to pro­ces­sors reach­ing 255c/kg.

Medium weight grown steers av­er­aged 258c/kg. Light weight two-score cows av­er­aged 185c, while the medium weights av­er­aged

211c/kg. The best of the medium weights sold to

253.2c to av­er­age 243c/kg.


THERE was a yard­ing of 1221 head, which was an in­crease of 231 head. The yard­ing con­sisted of a larger sup­ply of young cat­tle, while cows dom­i­nated the grown cat­tle sec­tion. The of­fer­ing of young cat­tle con­sisted mainly of light year­lings, with a large per­cent­age in very plain con­di­tion, although there were sev­eral runs of well-bred cat­tle through the sale. There was a few pens of well-fin­ished sup­ple­men­tary fed year­lings of­fered that were suit­able for the whole­sale trade.

The mar­ket var­ied, which was in line with the qual­ity of the young cat­tle of­fered. There was lim­ited in­ter­est from feeder and back­grounder buy­ers, which had an im­pact on the over­all prices. How­ever, a cou­ple of con­sign­ments of well-bred weaner steers met keen in­ter­est from lo­cal pro­duc­ers, who took ad­van­tage to ac­quire some steers, which helped push up prices for a top of 301c/kg. Light year­ling steers sold to re­stock­ers and back­grounders for an av­er­age of 226c for a top of 267c/kg. Feeder steers were down by 10c, some sales more, sell­ing to 298c for an av­er­age of 267c/kg. Trade year­ling steers were slightly eas­ier, sell­ing to 298c, while the heifers sold to 328c to av­er­age 279c/kg. Feeder and re­stocker year­ling heifers strug­gled to at­tract a lot of in­ter­est at times, re­sult­ing in a loss of 20c/kg, some sales more. Most sales ranged from 159c to 258c/kg.

The yard­ing of ex­port cat­tle con­sisted mainly of cows, along with a small sam­ple of grown steers and heifers. Grown steers sold to 302c and bul­locks to 297c, while heifers topped at 274c/kg. The cow mar­ket var­ied con­sid­er­able, once again in line with wide vari­a­tion in con­di­tion and prices.


NUM­BERS in­creased to 850 head over the scales, plus a large se­lec­tion of light weight calves were sold at open auc­tion. The usual panel of ex­port buy­ers was present and op­er­at­ing, while some feeder or­ders were ab­sent in the young cat­tle sec­tion. Light weight year­ling steers to re­stock­ers sold close to firm, how­ever year­ling steers to feed for the do­mes­tic mar­ket could not main­tain the lev­els of the pre­vi­ous week. A small sam­ple of well-pre­sented year­ling steers and heifers for the lo­cal trade mar­ket at­tracted strong com­pe­ti­tion. A few pens of heavy grown steers and bul­locks ex­pe­ri­enced very lit­tle change. Prices for cows var­ied with plain con­di­tion classes los­ing

9c/kg, while good heavy cows gen­er­ally sold to firm de­mand.

Light weight year­ling steers re­turn­ing to the pad­dock av­er­aged 246c and made to

280.2c/kg. Medium weight year­ling steers to feed av­er­aged 268c and made to

271.2c/kg. The oc­ca­sional B-mus­cle steer with show-ring po­ten­tial made to 316.2c, while a hand­ful to the trade av­er­aged 305c/kg. A few heavy weight year­ling steers to feed av­er­aged 285c and made to 295c, with the oc­ca­sional heavy weight to the trade reach­ing 311.2c/kg. Light weight year­ling heifers to re­stock­ers or back­ground av­er­aged 224c and made to

232.2c, and poor-qual­ity lines av­er­aged 171c/kg. Some very well-pre­sented medium weight year­ling heifers to the trade made to 310.2c to av­er­age

308c/kg. Heavy weight year­ling heifers to the trade av­er­aged 272c and made to


Heavy grown steers to ex­port slaugh­ter av­er­aged

273c and a hand­ful of young B-mus­cle bul­locks av­er­aged

309c/kg. The oc­ca­sional B-mus­cle grown heifer made to 298.2c/kg. Medium weight two-cows av­er­aged 205c and made to 220.2c/kg. The best of the medium weights made to 249.2c/kg. Good heavy cows made to 254.2c to av­er­age 247c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 268.2c/kg.


THE sup­ply of stock re­duced by 1500 head to 5428 at Dalby to­day. Over­all qual­ity was mixed, how­ever a good sam­ple of bul­locks was in­cluded in the line-up. Medium weight year­ling steers to feed eased 9c/kg, while the heavy weight year­ling steers to feed ex­pe­ri­enced very lit­tle change in price. Heavy grown steers to ex­port pro­ces­sors de­creased 6c due to qual­ity-re­lated price changes, while a lift in the stan­dard of the bul­locks re­sulted in an in­crease of 4c/kg. Plain-con­di­tion cows av­er­aged 14c/kg less than last week, while the bet­ter cows were only marginally cheaper.


BUR­NETT Live­stock and Realty’s meat­works and store sale on Mon­day, Septem­ber 24, had a yard­ing of 1215 head.

Bul­locks more than 600kg sold to 290c. Trade bul­locks

500kg-600kg sold to 294c, up

7c from last sale, and cows more than 500kg sold to

258c, up 21c. Cows

400-500kg sold to 245c, up

19c. Feeder steers 400-500kg sold to a top of 280c, up 6c, while steers 300-400kg sold to 277c, firm on last sale. Steers 200-300kg sold to

285c, down 3c on last fort­night. Heifers 300-400kg sold for 262c, up 12c, and heifers 200-300kg sold to

262c, up 30c.


EX­PORT and feed­lot types sold to very strong rates in Mur­gon on Tues­day, with agents yard­ing 650 head. Num­bers were drawn from Mun­dub­bera, Gayn­dah, Mt Perry, Biggenden, Kin­garoy, Kilki­van and lo­cally.

Heavy bulls topped at

260c/kg. Bul­locks sold to

296c/kg. Heavy cows also sold to dearer rates, top­ping at 250c/kg.

Cows more than 500kg av­er­aged 240c/kg. Cows

400-500kg sold to 243c/kg, av­er­ag­ing 210c/kg. Lighter cows less than 400kg sold to a top of 200c/kg.


CAT­TLE SALE: Rory and Michael De­laney from Childers with a pen of their two to six tooth brah­man bul­locks. The pen sold for 294.2c/kg.

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