Oc­to­ber pro­vides rain­fall

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OC­TO­BER has pro­vided much-needed spring rain­fall to many parts of south­west Queens­land.

Ac­cord­ing to the Bu­reau of Me­te­o­rol­ogy, Toowoomba has re­ceived 106mm in Oc­to­ber so far, with the monthly aver­age be­ing 72mm.

War­wick, 89mm with their aver­age Oc­to­ber rain­fall be­ing 69mm.

Roma, 68mm this month and Kin­garoy, 107mm.

South Bur­nett farm­ers Claire and Craig Kaper­nick have re­ceived 165mm for Oc­to­ber so far, with 25mm over the week­end.

“As gra­ziers this rain is mar­vel­lous, the grass is grow­ing, the cows are in seventh heaven,” Mrs Kaper­nick said.

“But we also grow hay, that’s our main source of in­come. And as hay grow­ers we’re tear­ing our hair out.

“The sheds are empty and there’s a huge de­mand for hay but we can’t get onto the pad­dock to cut any­thing!”

The Kaper­nicks run 100 head of cat­tle as well as their hay op­er­a­tion on their three prop­er­ties.

They run 40.5 ha un­der ir­ri­ga­tion, where they grow ce­real crops in­clud­ing oats and bar­ley, a mixed species pas­ture, and straight sum­mer grass.

Mrs Kaper­nick said they felt ex­tremely lucky they didn’t re­ceive any dam­age from the re­cent hail storm that swept the South Bur­nett.

“We’re for­tu­nate be­cause when the storm that came through the South Bur­nett, we missed it.

“Whereas a fel­low down the road from us had his whole lucerne crop de­stroyed.

“The storm was re­ally close to all our prop­er­ties, we had a bit of hail but no dam­age.”

Mrs Kaper­nick is hop­ing for some sunny weather over the com­ing weeks.

“All of Oc­to­ber it’s just kept rain­ing,” she said.

“We’ve got plenty of hay to cut, but be­ing on a black soil creek flat, we need a few days for the ground to dry off be­fore we can even get on there to cut the hay.

“The cows will be happy be­cause the mois­ture is there in the soil now. We need a bit of sun­shine to get ev­ery­thing grow­ing.

“Af­ter rain like this, when the sun comes out I al­ways say you can al­most hear the grass grow­ing.”

Teresa and Michael Min­nett run an­gus cat­tle on their 68.8ha prop­erty 7km east of Goom­bungee.

They re­ceived 15mm of rain over the week­end and 95mm for Oc­to­ber.

“I think we could have got more but the wind blew it all side­ways,” Mrs Min­nett said.

“It’s been nice steady rain, wild couch and it grows like crazy af­ter the rain, so it’s pro­vided a bit of feed for the cat­tle.

“But there has been no run off for the dams yet.”

Mrs Min­nett said they had off­loaded most of their cat­tle due to the dry.

“My hus­band has only kept about nine breed­ers, a bull, they’re calv­ing at the mo­ment.

“We’ve sold off 20 or 30. You re­ally have to play it by ear, be­cause you never know when there will be a drought again.

‘It’s been dry all year. Be­fore this we hadn’t had any good rain in quite a while.”

Mrs Min­nett said she was hop­ing for fol­low up rain.

“I hope it’s wide­spread be­cause there’s a lot of peo­ple that need it,” she said.

“You don’t want to go too silly and get ex­cited be­cause you don’t know if more rain will come.”

Jandowae farmer Doug Wun­sch re­ceived 20mm at his prop­erty in Jinghi and his prop­erty in Tuck­erang.

“We had some rain about a week be­fore that, 63mm. Prior to that we had a cou­ple of falls of 4mm and 8mm,” Mr Wun­sch said. “I hate to curse it when we’ve been wait­ing for it for so long,

“But It would be good to get this crappy crop off and plant some sorghum.”

Mr Wun­sch said the rain had come too late for most of his bar­ley crop at his home prop­erty in Jinghi.

“Eighty per cent is prob­a­bly past sav­ing but it will help 20 per cent of it,” he said.

“Tuck­erang doesn’t seem to do too well. We had no plant­ing rain so I have noth­ing there this sea­son.

“At home here I took a chance and run it in dry. Then we had about 18mm about five weeks af­ter that in July.

“Then up it came. Dur­ing the grow­ing pe­riod I had a

9mm shower and that’s all it had un­til now.”

Mr Wun­sch said due to be­ing zero till he would be able to plant his sorghum crop at his Tuck­erang prop­erty.

“The rain we had was very ben­e­fi­cial. I didn’t get any big storm rains, all my rain was steady.

“And hav­ing stub­ble re­ten­tion it re­ally took ev­ery­thing in.

“You have to give zero till a hand, be­cause it’s the rea­son I can go into plant­ing right now.”

The high­est rain­falls for the re­gion over the week­end were seen at Gre­gor Creek which re­ceived 40mm, ac­cord­ing to the BoM.

Esk got 29mm, Toowoomba

29mm and Dal­meny 26mm.

All of Oc­to­ber it’s just kept rain­ing.

— Claire Kaper­nick


SPRING RAIN: Claire Kaper­nick with some happy cows in a pad­dock of green grass.

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