Bat­ter up: it’s sweet dough­nut time

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Honey dough­nuts with rhubarb

IN­GRE­DI­ENTS vanilla yo­gurt pis­ta­chios, finely chopped. Sweet dough­nuts: 3 cups white flour cups nat­u­ral yo­gurt 2 tsp yeast tsp caster sugar Pinch of salt 1 litre veg­etable oil for fry­ing Honey, warmed and runny rhubarb com­pote: 125g wa­ter 100g caster sugar 1 vanilla bean 1 cin­na­mon stick 8cm strip of le­mon zest 1 bunch trimmed rhubarb cut into 2 cm pieces 250g straw­ber­ries, halved

METHOD: Dough­nuts – Mix flour with yo­gurt and a pinch of salt and enough wa­ter to make a thick bat­ter. Com­bine the yeast and sugar, then mix in half cup of warm wa­ter. Al­low to dis­solve and yeast will ac­ti­vate. Pour into bat­ter and com­bine. Cover with a tea towel and set aside un­til bat­ter rises. Heat oil in saucepan for fry­ing. Di­vide the bat­ter into the shape of small balls. Deep fry the balls, a cou­ple at a time, un­til golden brown, re­move and place on pa­per towel. Heat up some honey in a saucepan un­til runny, place cooked balls in honey and coat.

Rhubarb com­pote – place wa­ter and sugar in a saucepan and over low heat al­low to dis­solve. Add vanilla bean, cin­na­mon and le­mon zest. In­crease heat to medium and bring to boil for four mins. Re­duce heat to low. Add rhubarb and straw­ber­ries.

Al­low to sim­mer un­til their shape soft­ens. Re­move from heat and al­low to cool. Re­move cin­na­mon quill, vanilla bean and le­mon zest.

To serve – place a few ta­ble­spoons of vanilla yo­gurt on a plate and spread. Place five dough­nuts on yo­gurt, spoon small amounts of com­pote on to yo­gurt and around plate.

Sprin­kle each dough­nut with finely chopped pis­ta­chios.

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