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THOSE of us who thought, like the old song, that “love and mar­riage go to­gether like a horse and car­riage” have had a lot of con­fus­ing in­for­ma­tion thrown at us re­cently about same-sex cou­ples and the way their non-mar­riages give them all the same rights as mar­ried peo­ple.

My wife and I were sur­prised, there­fore, to at­tend the Roads and Mar­itime Ser­vice Cen­tre last week to change our car reg­is­tra­tion, where we were asked to pro­duce our mar­riage cer­tifi­cate.

This led me to won­der what other equal rights might not be there, par­tic­u­larly when my daugh­ter, cur­rently un­able to marry her long-time partner, gets to our age.

Will she be asked for a mar­riage cer­tifi­cate if her not legally recog­nised wife is in hospi­tal, or worse?

Aus­tralia Post ap­par­ently charges hun­dreds of dol­lars for a name change, but not if you can pro­vide a – you guessed it – mar­riage cer­tifi­cate.

Those who op­pose same­sex mar­riage are rest­ing their hopes on the oldies like me.

But if you think we are go­ing to sup­port dis­crim­i­na­tion against our own kids and grand­kids, you are about to be very dis­ap­pointed.

My daugh­ter doesn’t need my per­mis­sion to get mar­ried. But she needs yours. Please join me in vot­ing yes.

— Des­mond Bel­lamy

Read­ers had some nice ideas about Glen­gal­lan and its place in our re­gion

I'VE al­ways thought it'd be great to have the steam train roll into our beau­ti­ful sta­tion and there be peo­ple in pe­riod cloth­ing serv­ing all man­ner of old style re­fresh­ments, there could be themed days once a month or what­ever cap­tur­ing a new decade.

What an ex­pe­ri­ence that would be.

Could even have the lo­cal SCA group in­volved for a spe­cial me­dieval event should they be will­ing.

— Yvette Taffe

WON­DER­FUL to pre­serve such an im­por­tant piece of our his­tory.

— Lewis von Stieglitz

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