The beer that’s poles apart from our own

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THE FACTS: Zy­wiec Orig­i­nal Beer, 330ml bot­tles, 5.5% ABV,

$23 per six pack. Zy­wiec Pol­ish Porter, 330ml bot­tles, 9.6% ABV,

$24 per six pack.

IREMEMBER read­ing a story about John Fitzger­ald Kennedy when he was run­ning for of­fice early in his ca­reer as a politi­cian. JFK was in the Pol­ish part of some city and the speak­ers who pre­ceded him had done a fan­tas­tic job of ab­so­lutely butcher­ing the dif­fi­cult Pol­ish sur­names.

Things had got so bad the crowd was start­ing to boo and jeer each mis­pro­nun­ci­a­tion.

JFK got up and said ev­ery name with its plethora of Zs and Ys and Ws and Ks per­fectly – and the crowd roared its ap­proval.

He had gone to the trou­ble to learn how to say them prop­erly, and it was worth ev­ery tongue-ty­ing mo­ment.

I was re­minded of this last weekend when Hugh the Neigh­bour and I sat down to try a cou­ple of beers from the Zy­wiec brewery in Poland.

Even after lis­ten­ing to Google telling us how to pro­nounce it, nei­ther of us had much suc­cess in get­ting it right.

This, for­tu­nately, did not in­ter­fere with our en­joy­ment of the Orig­i­nal Beer and the porter that were avail­able at our lo­cal Chapel of St Dan’s.

A friend of HTN’s rec­om­mended the beers, and I have to ad­mit the Orig­i­nal Beer was some­thing of a rev­e­la­tion.

A 5.6% ABV pale lager, it is a lovely golden colour in the glass with a crisp taste that is more com­plex than other beers of the re­gion.

We thought it would make a reap­pear­ance in the fridge come sum­mer.

The porter was a bit dif­fer­ent.

At 9.5% ABV, it is nei­ther a drink for the faint-hearted nor one to take to a ses­sion.

It has heaps of caramel malty flavours and a pleas­ant nose. It pours with a full creamy head that lasts for the du­ra­tion.

As Hugh pointed out though, the James Squire Jack of Spades tasted more rounded and was a fair bit cheaper into the bar­gain.

But if you want some­thing to take to a spe­cial event, and are not too afraid of mak­ing a fist of it when asked to say the name of what you are drink­ing, give ei­ther of them a go.

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