The big blue at the baby mar­ket

It’s a bar­gain buy at $1, but mum’s a cross dresser

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THE woman in front of me was set­ting me straight.

“Oh no that’s blue, and I have a girl. That wouldn’t work.” She would not spend $1 to buy a barely used cot­ton suit in baby blue.

This was not the deal of the cen­tury. It was a sec­ond-hand baby mar­ket where I had stepped in to mind the stall as my bounc­ing tod­dler paused to drink her weight in milk from my wife.

My dar­ling had stopped mid-guz­zle after a busy morn­ing of gnaw­ing on cup­cakes and ig­nor­ing a now-brown­ing ba­nana. It was her blue suit that was up for sale.

Am I an ex­trem­ist for buy­ing multi-coloured things for my daugh­ter? She’s two and I buy her sin­glets whether they are marked “boys’’ or “girls’’ be­cause what the hell is the dif­fer­ence at this age?

Today she wears a dark blue shirt with a tiny milk car­ton on it. To­mor­row she will cry and yell and scream un­til I dress her in a sparkling tutu and Min­nie Mouse gum­boots. She’s ev­ery two-year-old.

If she was a Matthew in­stead of Maddy, would I step in to make sure she only wore mas­cu­line colours? “No pinks or flow­ers or sparkles for my lit­tle man,’’ I’d proudly de­clare while puff­ing out my chest.

Should I be scared that my daugh­ter doesn’t al­ways want to wear a pretty dress?

Would I put my foot down if hy­po­thet­i­cal Matthew wanted a pink frilly dress, sparkly shoes and to strut about the house?

I hate that our chil­dren are the new weapons in pol­i­tics.

My lit­tle girl wear­ing blue is a sur­prise and a lit­tle boy want­ing to wear a dress or a tutu is a vic­tim of some broad left-wing, gen­der-bend­ing con­spir­acy.

Back to my cap­tious cus­tomer. She put it to me like this: “You wouldn’t let a lit­tle boy wear pink now, would you?” “I wouldn’t mind,” I said. “If they’re happy I’m happy.” She nod­ded, smiled and walked away.

A mo­ment later I slipped a bright blue bow on my daugh­ter’s head. And she threw it to the ground.

‘‘ You wouldn’t let a lit­tle boy wear pink now, would you?


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