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Bits n Bob (the Builder)

I’ve made grown men drool when they hold me in the same man­ner they would the crown jew­els. I’ve made a few women swoon as well as they ad­mire my body and roll my bits be­tween their fin­gers. And the young ones’ dream and aspire to great things as well, when in my com­pany.

I can’t blame them though. I have a sleek easy fit han­dle to grip, my power trig­ger is al­ways ready for ac­tion, and my bits – well it’s hard to com­pare, re­ally. I’m the top of the range, high end. It’s hard to top me.

I meet a select mar­ket, but the rookie DIYers buy me any­way. They should start on a ju­nior model, but they are over­whelmed with my fea­tures, and I be­come a ‘must-have’ in their eyes.

I am an elec­tric drill with an ex­ten­sive range of ‘do most things, on se­lected hard sur­faces’ drill bits.

The rook­ies hold me with less ex­per­tise than the tradies with far more ex­pe­ri­ence, their tongues pok­ing out from the cor­ner of their mouth as they con­cen­trate on the job at hand.

They give a ‘near enough’ un­e­d­u­cated guess and raise their eye­brows as they bur­row me and my bit hard down into the wood or metal.

I carve through the hard sur­face, my pow­er­ful thrust leav­ing a per­fect hole and a pile of shav­ings. I do this with smooth pro­fes­sional ease, my mo­tor giv­ing an as­sertive purr. I can tackle the tough­est of jobs and the small­est of tasks.

From fix­ing a shelf or a hinge to con­struct­ing a far more in­volved, su­pe­rior build.

I like the big jobs. I can get my bits stuck into them and can show my op­er­a­tor what I’m made of. I come with a war­ranty should they push me too far and strain me or use me in a way or on a sur­face I am not de­signed for, de­spite the clear in­struc­tions in my pack­ag­ing. I am a su­pe­rior piece of ma­chin­ery but I’m not in­de­struc­tible. You can’t get me fixed for free if you leave me out in the rain!

I’m a bit of a so­cialite and have been seen on other builds apart from my own­ers. I en­joy be­ing seen and used by other more qual­i­fied op­er­a­tors.

The word gets around that I’m the drill for the job. I get passed around with pride on the pro­viso that I am re­turned in­tact, with all my bits present and cor­rect. I run a tight ship, I don’t like my bits out of or­der in my box!

I’ve even made it to the ‘Big Time’.

I had a small part in a reno re­al­ity TV show! I was with a vis­it­ing tradie, and we had our five sec­onds of fame while three of the con­tes­tants ar­gued over stolen ideas. They can keep the glitz; real drills don’t need the glam­our.


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