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When it comes to beauty, ev­ery­one has their own rou­tine, and of­ten there’s no right or wrong way to do things.

But one thing no­body dis­putes is the im­por­tance of al­ways re­mov­ing make-up ... no ex­cuses!

It’s a cru­cial part of your skin­care schedule as ex­cess make-up can clog pores and cause break­outs, as well as con­tribut­ing to more se­ri­ous skin prob­lems (plus it stains your pil­low­case — so an­noy­ing).

Long-time friends Lizzy Pike and Re­becca Wil­liamson had a light-bulb mo­ment one day when Re­becca con­fessed to reg­u­larly skip­ping make-up removal be­fore bed­time be­cause the process was so te­dious.

Lizzy’s 15-year back­ground in mi­crofi­bres steered the con­ver­sa­tion to­ward find­ing a so­lu­tion, and led to the de­vel­op­ment of Face Halo. The handy prod­uct is en­gi­neered to lift and trap im­pu­ri­ties while pro­vid­ing a gen­tle ex­fo­li­a­tion.

“It’s im­por­tant to re­move make-up as at the same time it re­moves oils and im­pu­ri­ties from the skin that if left on can build up over time caus­ing break­outs or even pre­ma­ture age­ing,” Lizzy says. Face Halo is quite unique on the mar­ket and at $10 each and with more than 200 uses for each one it’s ex­tremely cost ef­fi­cient, but even if you’re not look­ing to in­vest you should still be re­mov­ing your make-up nightly.

There are plenty of wipes, washes and cleansers on the mar­ket, choose which is best for you de­pend­ing on your skin type and sen­si­tiv­ity.

If hy­dra­tion is your is­sue, try ap­ply­ing a cleans­ing oil in gen­tle sweeps with a flat, square cot­ton pad.

Mas­cara and liner are the hard­est to get off and may need a spe­cial­ist re­mover if you don’t want to wake up with rac­coon eyes. To avoid rub­bing that can dam­age your lashes, soak a pad with re­mover and press down softly for a few sec­onds.

Heard of the baby wipes hack? It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

These wipes may be de­signed for sen­si­tive baby skin, but they won’t get the job done on tougher-to-budge make-up.

As much as we love make-up, if there’s any time you can give your face a break from it, it’s im­por­tant to let your skin breathe and do its own, un­in­ter­rupted thing for a while.

Just warn your friends and fam­ily be­fore­hand so you don’t give them a scare.

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