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Top per­form­ers in the lo­cal heat of the Aus­tralia-Wide Pairs Com­pe­ti­tion were John Rose and Peter Camp­bell (N/S) and Ge­orge Dayus with Jill Smith (E/W). No de­tails of the hands can be pub­lished un­til the com­pe­ti­tion fin­ishes on Fri­day evening.

In last Fri­day’s game the hon­ours were shared be­tween Re­becca Pen­ning­ton/Tom Gra­ham and Pat Kelly/ John Nankervis. They both scored well on Board 8 (above). Re­becca and Tom found their heart fit af­ter an open­ing bid of 1C by West. It may have taken three or four bids, ex­plor­ing di­a­monds and spades be­fore agree­ing on hearts. 4H is a great spot with West’s clubs to­tally neu­tralised, but only an in­cur­able op­ti­mist would have bid any higher. There are two fi­nesses to be taken and 17 high card points in the East/West hands.

Tom (South) re­ceived the lead of the Jack of Spades, which gave Tom a free fi­nesse. The lead was not un­rea­son­able, hop­ing for a spade ruff later. Trumps could now be tested. West won the first round with the Ace, but had no good re­turn.

One more round was all that was needed to draw the re­main­ing trumps and clear the way for the di­a­mond fi­nesse to be taken. At the end the Ace of Hearts re­mained the only trick for East/West. Twelve tricks for North/South was worth 480. John and Pat were next best with 11 tricks for 450, hav­ing re­ceived the less help­ful lead of the King of Clubs. The other pairs failed to bid game. On hands like this up­grad­ing your hand be­cause of a good dis­tri­bu­tion is im­por­tant, as is mak­ing over­tricks where pos­si­ble.

Re­sults for the pe­riod end­ing 27/08/18:

Fri­day, Au­gust 24 (4 & ½-ta­ble How­ell):

J. Nankervis P. Kelly (56.2%) 1; T. Gra­ham R. Pen­ning­ton (56.2%) 1; M. John­ston N. McGin­ness 3. Hand­i­cap: T. Gra­ham R. Pen­ning­ton 1; B. Reid J. McKeen 2. Mon­day, Au­gust 27 (7-ta­ble Mitchell):

N/S J. Rose P. Camp­bell (62.8%) 1; L. James S. Head (50.6%) 2; H. Fer­rier A.Gib­son (50.3%) 3. Hand­i­cap: J. Rose P. Camp­bell 1; P. Kelly W. Milne 2.

E/W G. Dayus Jill Smith (60.7%) 1; D. Hartwig M. Simp­son (60.1%) 2; M. John­ston N.McGin­ness (55.7%) 3. Hand­i­cap: B. Reid J. McKeen 1; G. Dayus Jill Smith 2.

War­wick East Ladies Bowls

Bar­bara Denny, Mar­garet Wright, Dorothy Has­sum, Luise Nick­lich and Glo­ria Brady played a game of “scroungers” last Tues­day. Three for a win, two for sec­ond and one for third place.

This was a new for­mat for the ladies and they thor­oughly en­joyed their game.

The win­ner was Glo­ria, sec­ond Bar­bara and third, Mar­garet. Men’s Pen­nants are on again this Satur­day as last week’s com­pe­ti­tion was called off be­cause of the very wel­come rain.

Ladies are asked to be at the club­house at 2pm to­day (Fri­day) to do the cater­ing prepa­ra­tion and Satur­day at 8am to pre­pare the morn­ing tea.

Bowls as usual next week. Com­ing events in­clude Open Triples Thurs­day, Septem­ber 6, Car Club visit on Satur­day, Septem­ber 8 and a me­mo­rial day spon­sored by Ross Nor­man and Ian Thomp­son in mem­ory of Enid and Mar­garet on Satur­day, Septem­ber 15. Ross and Ian in­vite all bowlers who re­mem­ber Enid and Mar­garet to come along. Venus Smith and Vic Nel­son are spon­sor­ing an event on Satur­day, Oc­to­ber 13 and The Rose Fi­esta this year will be a one day mixed car­ni­val on Satur­day, Oc­to­ber 20. Nom­i­na­tions are com­ing in so please get your team in as only 14 teams can be ac­cepted.

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