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gronKy (J A Sylvester) 5g By Se­bring - Mate (30:3-3-2): Didn’t of­fer much when 4-3/4 len 10th of 12 (11) $17.00 53.0 Magic Choir 1400m R’wick 3yo+ Hcp (C3) Good(3) Aug 4. Over­raced early stages when 3-3/4 len 8th of 14 (13) $41.00 56.0 Butchoy 1600m R’wick H’way Plate-C3 Good(4) Aug 18. Hasn’t fired a shot in re­cent starts. Hard to make a case.

SeeBluMe (Joseph Ible) 5m By Se­bring - Son­nen­blume (11:2-2-0): In­quiry into per­for­mance, vet­ted - no ab­nor­mal­i­ties when 4-1/4 len 6th of 7 (6) $1.75F 58.5 See The Show 1200m Kem­bla Grange F&M Hcp (C2) Soft(6) Mar 6. Ham­pered early stages when 2-3/4 len 9th of 16 (13) $101.00 54.0 Mandylion 1400m Kem­bla Grange Champ Qualf-C5 Heavy(8) Mar 24. Re­sum­ing. Gen­er­ally com­pet­i­tive fresh. Ran well with­out luck in the Kem­bla Pro­vin­cial Cham­pi­onship Qual­i­fier prior to spell. Worth some thought.

WHO’S KNOCK­ING (T J McIl­rick) 4m By Star Wit­ness - Who’s There (6:3-02): Hand­ily placed 2-1/2 len 5th of 13 (8) $4.20F 55.5 Croix De Vie 1400m Can­berra (Bm67) Good(3) April 20. Wide through­out when 2-1/4 len win of 10 (10) $3.00F 56.5 Short, My Ma­her 1180m Gunda­gai (Bm66) Good(4) Aug 5. Fresh­ened. Too strong at Gunda­gai last time but ex­pect her to find this much tougher.

dy­lan’S deeVa (N J Olive) 6m By Dy­lan Thomas (IR) - Longoria (25:37-4): Struck in­ter­fer­ence at start, blocked for run on straight­en­ing when 2-3/4 len 2nd of 9 (3) $16.00 58.5 Atho­nis 1280m Can­berra Ac­ton (Bm60) Syn­thetic Aug 10. Over­raced mid­dle stages when len win of 10 (8) $3.00F 56.0 Bid Of Faith, Quan­tum Time 1280m Can­berra Ac­ton (Bm65) Syn­thetic Aug 24. Set­tled handy and dug deep to win at Can­berra Ac­ton last time. Go­ing well but place looks best here.

RAP­TURE MISS (Matthew Dale) 5m By Smart Mis­sile - Rap Tale (US) (10:2-4-2): Jumped awk­wardly, protested against, up­held when lg hd 2nd of 16 (2) $4.60 59.0 Morn­ing Mu­sic 2000m Can­berra 3yo+ (Bm55) Good(4) Feb 23. Charged home from back half for 1-1/4 len win of 13 (10) $7.00 56.5 Can­ford Call­ing, Son­nets 1435m Moruya Hcp (C2) Good(4) Aug 19. Quick­ened im­pres­sively to win first-up at Moruya. Not the rough­est.

Race four

car­zoff (C J Waller) 6g By Zof­fany (IR) - Car­tama (GB) (21:3-4-4): Showed pace 2-1/4 len 4th of 12 (6) $8.00 59.0 Raqeeq 2000m R’hill 3yo+ (Bm89) Good(4) July 28. In­quiry into per­for­mance, rider dropped rein when 1-1/2 len 4th of 11 (8) $4.00F 55.0 Harper’s Choice 1800m R’hill Pre­mier’s Cup Good(3) Aug 11. Found trou­ble and should have fin­ished close in the Pre­mier’s Cup. Give him an­other chance.

BriMHaM rocKS (C J Waller) 5g By Fast­net Rock - Colima (IR) (14:4-3-1): Shifted out near 200m when 1-1/4 len 2nd of 9 (3) $6.50 52.0 Har­ri­son 2400m Bendigo (Metro) Open Hcp Good(4) April 7. Made up late ground for nk, lg nk 3rd of 10 (1) $10.00 57.5 Avil­ius, Dagny 1600m R’wick 3yo+ (Bm91) Good(3) Aug 4. Kept up to the mark with 2-1/4 len 4th Duca Valenti­nois 1030m R’hill bar­rier trial Good(4) Aug 20. Fresh­ened. Ca­pa­ble geld­ing who turned in an en­cour­ag­ing first-up run here a month ago. Since tri­alled. In­clude.

goaTH­land (Ms K Waugh) 7g By Te­ofilo (IR) - Roy­als Spe­cial (IR) (17:36-2): Ham­pered near 400m when 8-1/2 len 8th of 10 (3) $7.50 56.0 Dagny 1800m R’hill Ere­mein Hcp Good(4) June 2. Ham­pered at start, over­raced early, mid­dle stages when 5-1/2 len 10th of 14 (12) $101.00 59.0 Kaonic 1400m R’wick 3yo+ (Bm89) Good(4) Aug 18. Did enough first-up but he’s likely to need an­other run.

JuST SHine (Clare Cunningham) 6g By Master­crafts­man (IR) - Sweet Spirit (NZ) (15:5-1-2): Got home nicely to run 1-1/4 len 2nd of 12 (2) $5.00 58.0 Raqeeq 2000m R’hill 3yo+ (Bm89) Good(4) July 28. Slowly away, blocked for run near 200m, vet­ted - no ab­nor­mal­i­ties when 3-1/4 len 7th of 10 (5) $4.00F 57.0 Se­gen­hoe 2400m R’wick 3yo+ (Bm88) Good(4) Aug 18. Hon­est per­former who didn’t have much luck here a fort­night ago. Stick with him.

quicK de­fence (C J Waller) 7g By First De­fence (US) - Quick­fire (GB) (44:6-5-7): Jumped awk­wardly, blocked for run on straight­en­ing, ham­pered con­clud­ing stages when 3-1/4 len 5th of 12 (12) $41.00 55.5 Raqeeq 2000m R’hill 3yo+ (Bm89) Good(4) July 28. Blocked for run on straight­en­ing, laid out near 200m when nose win of 8 (1) $8.50 61.0 Royal Stamp, Nicci’s Gold 2000m R’hill 3yo+ (Bm78) Good(4) Aug 11. Good, de­ter­mined win from off the pace at Rose­hill at lat­est. In the mix.

all Too Soon (David Payne) 4m By All Too Hard - Gal­lant Tess (12:4-1-3): Re­sumed with 3-1/4 len 5th of 10 (9) $20.00 58.0 Irithea 1400m R’hill 3yo+ F&M (Bm85) Good(4) Aug 11. Let down nicely 2-1/2 len win of 11 (1) $8.50 61.5 Eu­gene’s Pick, Mandylion 1500m R’hill 3yo+ F&M-Bm78 Soft(5) Aug 25. Tal­ented mare. Pow­ered home for an im­pres­sive win at Rose­hill last Satur­day. Gen­uine threat.

re­neged (John Thomp­son) 6g By Moss­man - Hussyanna (28:5-3-2): Ham­pered at start when 5-1/4 len 10th of 12 (7) $18.00 58.0 Raqeeq 2000m R’hill 3yo+ (Bm89) Good(4) July 28. Vet­ted - no ab­nor­mal­i­ties when 2-3/4 len 6th of 10 (1) $14.00 57.5 Se­gen­hoe 2400m R’wick 3yo+ (Bm88) Good(4) Aug 18. Re­cent per­for­mances have been dis­ap­point­ing. Ex­pect long odds.

THE lord Mayor (C J Waller) 4g By Rock ‘n’ Pop - Soph (NZ) (8:2-0-0): Reared at start, checked early stages, vet­ted - no ab­nor­mal­i­ties when 99-3/4 len last of 18 (16) $101.00 56.5 Levendi 2400m R’wick G1 Atc Derby Good(4) April 7. Checked near turn when 7-1/4 len 13th of 15 (10) $5.00 58.0 Berg­erac 1400m R’wick 3yo+ (Bm82) Good(3) Aug 4. Since fin­ished 3 len 6th Ridicule 895m R’hill bar­rier trial Good(4) Aug 20. Fresh­ened. Failed to make an im­pres­sion here first-up. Needs to lift.

DOMED (John Thomp­son) 5m By Duke Of Mar­malade (IR) - Miss Chile (12:3-3-3): In­quiry into per­for­mance, lac­er­a­tions when 9-1/2 len 11th of 15 (7) $11.00 53.0 Charles Road 2600m R’wick G2 Chair­man Qlty Good(4) April 7. Ham­pered near 100m when 5-1/4 len 9th of 10 (7) $14.00 59.0 Irithea 1400m R’hill 3yo+ F&M (Bm85) Good(4) Aug 11. Fit­ter for her firstup run at Rose­hill. Could run into a place.

raqeeq (C J Waller) 5g By Champs El­y­sees (GB) - Sailors Path (GB) (17:32-2): Checked early stages when 3-1/4 len 4th of 9 (8) $3.40F 56.0 Red Alto 2400m R’wick 3yo+ (Bm88) Good(3) Aug 4. In­quiry into per­for­mance, over­raced mid­dle stages when 4 len 8th of 10 (10) $5.50 56.0 Se­gen­hoe 2400m R’wick 3yo+ (Bm88) Good(4) Aug 18. Use­ful gal­loper who didn’t have things pan out last start. Can bounce back.

Trafal­gar (C J Waller) 6g By Hinch­in­brook - Skyescent (16:4-2-1): In­quiry into per­for­mance when 6-3/4 len 5th of 8 (5) $11.00 58.5 Quick De­fence 2000m R’hill 3yo+ (Bm78) Good(4) Aug 11. Rider - didn’t han­dle go­ing, res­pi­ra­tory is­sues when 9-3/4 len last of 10 (2) $10.00 60.5 Royal Stamp 2000m R’hill 3yo+ (Bm78) Soft(5) Aug 25. Was safely held at Rose­hill last out­ing. Should strug­gle to mea­sure up to th­ese.

BooM­Town raT (Ed­ward O’Rourke) 4g By Rock ‘n’ Pop - Ir­ish Belle (NZ) (11:2-2-1): Fair ef­fort in 3-1/4 len 6th of 9 (5) $20.00 57.0 Jolly Hon­our 1800m R’hill 3yo (Bm75) Good(4) July 14. Kept try­ing 1/2 len 4th of 12 (11) $7.00 57.0 White Boots 1900m C’bury 3yo+ (Bm74) Good(3) Aug 15. Ran home hard to fin­ish just be­hind the placeget­ters at Can­ter­bury last time out. Up to this.

AN­OTHER Snappy (J M Austin) 8g By Elvstroem - Opa­line (37:8-2-3): Rolled along in front 1-1/4 len 4th of 10 (2) $101.00 59.5 White Boots 1800m Hawkes­bury (Bm67) Good(3) Aug 2. Over­raced early, mid­dle stages when 5-1/4 len 8th of 10 (1) $21.00 58.0 Cor­mac 2200m W Farm 3yo+ (Bm70) Good(4) Aug 22. Raced keenly and strug­gled home at War­wick Farm at lat­est. Faces a task.

Race five

redzel (P&P Snow­den) 6g By Snitzel - Mill­rich (25:12-6-1): Led them up 2 len 2nd of 11 (6) $2.30F 58.5 Trapeze Artist 1200m R’wick G1 T J Smith Good(4) April 7. Showed early speed 1/2 len 4th of 12 (4) $2.50F 58.5 English 1200m D’ben G1 Doomben 10,000 Soft(5) May 12. Pre­pared for this with 2-1/4 len win Cham­pagne Cud­dles, I Am Ex­cited 1000m R’hill bar­rier trial Good(4) Aug 20. Re­sumes. Out­stand­ing sprinter. Hasn’t been seen since be­ing nar­rowly beaten in the Doomben 10,000 in May. Looked very good in a re­cent Rose­hill trial. The one to beat.

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