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I DON'T know what it is about the La­bor Party but for some rea­son they seem to think that sim­ply in­creas­ing taxes will solve just about any prob­lem.

How­ever, I would sug­gest that be­fore Mr McGowan rushes head­long into con­trol­ling the price of lower end wines by in­creas­ing their price (tax), he should recog­nise that many peo­ple, such as pen­sion­ers and low-paid work­ers, most of whom have no prob­lem with al­co­hol con­sump­tion, can only af­ford the lower priced brands and are quite happy to have a glass or two at night while they re­mem­ber the times when this coun­try wasn't the con­trol freak's par­adise it has be­come since 2007.

An ex­am­ple of the stu­pid­ity of brain snap de­ci­sions was Rudd's so called Al­copops tax and that worked a treat didn't it?

Why gov­ern­ments think that it's fair to pun­ish every­one for the ac­tions of the mi­nor­ity has al­ways es­caped me and it's about time it stopped.

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