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Hope the pic­ture in Bully on Thurs­day with Tyler Green hold­ing bunch of flow­ers. The white flower looks like poi­sonous ole­an­der. I just hope he didn’t give them to Paris. – Sue

I love the puns and witty head­lines in the Bul­letin.

Even a se­ri­ous story can be light­ened with clever quips. Thanks for the smiles. – ColH

Lucky that tiger didn’t slap the han­dler with its paw af­ter han­dlers pull its tail and slap it in the head twice. They would shoot the poor thing. So that’s how Dream­world treat the tigers when they think no one’s watch­ing. A tiger trainer in trou­ble for hit­ting a tiger. A jockey in trou­ble for hit­ting a horse but our Pre­mier spends mil­lions of tax­pay­ers for box­ers so they can try to knock each other out. Make sense? – GB

When the con­sti­tu­tion was writ­ten would not all can­di­dates have been dual cit­i­zens” Ex­cept for the few na­tive peo­ple. – Gra­ham

I don’t think Jackie Lam­bie hold­ing both Tas­ma­nian and Aus­tralian cit­i­zen­ships should be an is­sue be­ing a mem­ber of par­lia­ment. How come Tony Ab­bott hasn’t been asked about his ci­ti­zen­ship? He was born in Eng­land!

We prawn lovers should not have prawns this Xmas. Plenty of other treats to eat. That will bring these greedy out­lets to their knees and they will be stuck with their catch. Bob the Fish­er­man.

How pre­ten­tious is Mayor Tate with his catch phrases of movers ’n shak­ers, big wigs, heavy hit­ters, top end of town­ers, the big play­ers?

Hey Gum Gum, you’re right that Rob Bor­bidge started build­ing M1 with no road tolls! The ques­tion is how many new roads will LNP build with road tolls on them in SEQ?

Tom Tate in­stead of push­ing for cruise ship ter­mi­nal all these years should have tried to get M1 fixed. Would ben­e­fit Gold Coast­ers more. – Terry

M1 fix? If Gold Coast was mar­ginal elec­torate both state and fed­eral money would be thrown at it. So vote La­bor. Both Ciobo and Lang­broek too com­pla­cent sit­ting in safest seats in Aus­tralia. Their in­ac­tiv­ity and si­lence is deaf­en­ing! They need a scare to start push­ing for a so­lu­tion.

Why do bus driv­ers strug­gle to park cor­rectly in bus stops with the rear cor­ner of the bus par­tially in the drive lane? Are the stops too small or buses too big? – Dan

I agree with Ge­orge. Please sup­port Gold Coast Suns and get your mem­ber­ship. I know it has been bleak for sup­port­ers so far, but this year may be much bet­ter. – Mar­i­lyn C I feel for you Mal­colm, I also sat for two hours with my lap­top but I was try­ing to get an NBN sig­nal. – Sharon

M1 congestion? Don’t for­get it was the Lib­eral and Na­tion­als who tore up the heavy rail link from Bris­bane to Coolangatta. Great idea for prop­erty de­vel­op­ment along the high­way...

I think one of the rea­sons Qld Rail is in chaos is be­cause their se­nior man­age­ment have com­pany cars and drive to work.

My neigh­bour works for Qld Rail and so I asked do you think Qld Rail would be a lit­tle em­bar­rassed giv­ing ex­tra pay dur­ing the Comm Games? He said to be hon­est, yes, it is em­bar­rass­ing as now I have to sell the free tick­ets they have is­sued me.

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