Stabbed man left liv­ing on edge

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A BOATIE who was stabbed in a fren­zied at­tack says he and his mother are liv­ing in fear be­cause po­lice have not charged the at­tacker.

Ju­ven Darcy, 30, says po­lice ar­rested the knifewield­ing man on the night of the in­ci­dent on Thurs­day last week but let him go within 12 hours, with the man re­turn­ing to live in the area.

Mr Darcy, who lives on a house­boat in the Broad­wa­ter with his mum, says the ordeal be­gan when he saw an un­se­cured run­about in the wa­ter and tied it up to his boat, think­ing he was do­ing a good deed.

But in­stead of a thank you, he was stabbed.

“I’m on a house­boat here at Wave­break Is­land and dur­ing the day I found a boat float­ing around in the Broad­wa­ter so I went out in my boat, brought it back and tied it up so it wouldn’t get lost or get stolen or any­thing like that,” he said. “We all do that out here. “And it was ob­vi­ously this guy’s boat and in­stead of just com­ing over and speak­ing to me he came over with a weapon at night, called me out­side where I was alone and then started stab­bing me.

“It was un­pro­voked, there was no rea­son for it.”

He said the kick­ing and stab­bing con­tin­ued un­til his 53-year-old mother, hear­ing her son’s screams, emerged from the house­boat.

She too was at­tacked, as well as a neigh­bour who went to their aid.

“I knew I’d been stabbed straight away be­cause I could feel the blood gush­ing out,” Mr Darcy said.

“I had fallen to the ground and was ly­ing in wa­ter so cold I could feel the warm blood from my lower back.

“He was kick­ing me in the face and body.

“My mum heard me scream­ing and came out­side, so he ran and at­tacked my mum around the other side of the boat.

“She got a knife to the knee and has bruis­ing across her face and chest from where she had been punched.

“Then a mate who heard ev­ery­thing ran over from an­other boat and he was try­ing to hold on to my wounds, try­ing to stop the blood and keep me warm be­cause I was shak­ing.

“He said the guy kicked him in the face and knocked a tooth straight out of his mouth.”

No charges have been laid. Po­lice have con­firmed they have taken state­ments and are in­ves­ti­gat­ing.

But Mr Darcy said with the at­tacker know­ing where he lived, he feared for his fam­ily’s safety.

“He knows where I live,” he said.

“He hasn’t been told to move or any­thing.

“I’ve been stay­ing awake ev­ery night be­cause I don’t know what’s go­ing to hap­pen.

“I’ve been stay­ing awake just look­ing out the win­dow mak­ing sure no­body comes back be­cause I’ve got my fam­ily here.

“I can’t let any­thing hap­pen to them.

“I haven’t been leav­ing the house be­cause I’m scared I’ll come back and it’s on fire.”

Mr Darcy said he was ap­ply­ing for a pro­tec­tion or­der and had been con­tact­ing po­lice reg­u­larly for an up­date.

“I as­sumed they would do that at the po­lice sta­tion,” he said.

“I called again and they just said noth­ing has changed.

“Charge him with some­thing and get him away from us. I was stabbed in the back, some­thing should have been done by now.”


Ju­ven Darcy was stabbed at the Broad­wa­ter over the week­end.

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