Make best friends with a flight of stairs for a to­tal of 30 min­utes a week and live longer.

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In­stead of groan­ing when you see a flight of stairs or avoid­ing them, race up them as fast as you can – your heart will thank you.

Sci­en­tists at Mc­mas­ter Univer­sity in Canada have found short, in­tense bursts of stair climb­ing, which can be done vir­tu­ally any­where, in­creased car­diores­pi­ra­tory fit­ness, an im­por­tant healthy marker that is linked to longevity.

Re­searchers tested two su­per- easy rou­tines in­volv­ing a flight of stairs – and, yes, it can be as lit­tle as one flight, like you might have at home. Each re­quired a 10-minute time com­mit­ment, in­clud­ing warmup, cool-down and re­cov­ery pe­ri­ods, three times a week.

The first rou­tine in­volved par­tic­i­pants vig­or­ously climb­ing up and down one flight of stairs for pe­ri­ods of 60 sec­onds. The sec­ond had them con­tin­u­ously climb­ing in an ‘all- out’ man­ner in 20-sec­ond bursts. Easy!

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