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QIn a cou­ple of months, I’m go­ing to a des­ti­na­tion wed­ding in Queens­land. I’ve found a sleeve­less dress to wear, but I’m a bit self-con­scious about my arms. What ex­er­cises can I do to target them be­fore the big day?

That’s a great ques­tion! When you’re look­ing at tar­get­ing a spe­cific area, it’s best to break it down into two dif­fer­ent goals.

1. Im­prov­ing total body com­po­si­tion

Un­for­tu­nately, we can’t ‘spot lose’ fat in just one spe­cific body part, so when you want to target or fo­cus on a par­tic­u­lar area you have to ad­dress the whole body.

The best way to im­prove your body com­po­si­tion is to in­tro­duce full-body re­sis­tance train­ing and high-in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing or HIIT (for more de­tails, see our work­out on page 106). Try to do each type of train­ing twice a week. When com­bined with your Weight Watch­ers food plan, it will re­sult in sig­nif­i­cant body- com­po­si­tion change.

2. In­creas­ing lean mus­cle mass in the area you want to target

Do spe­cific re­sis­tance ex­er­cises for your del­toids, bi­ceps and tri­ceps such as bi­cep curls, tri­cep ex­ten­sions and lat­eral raises (see the Arm Work­out on the Weight Watch­ers web­site). By de­vel­op­ing the mus­cles in the area you’re try­ing to strengthen, you’ll im­prove its shape and firm­ness and, if this is com­bined with a food plan, you should see im­prove­ments in this area.

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