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MEM­BER NAME: Lorena An­toun AGE: 35 Since los­ing 18kg in six months with Weight Watch­ers, and main­tain­ing her Goal weight of 67.3kg for three years, Lorena An­toun has dis­cov­ered a love of ex­er­cise. “I didn’t en­joy ex­er­cise at all be­fore,” the mum of three says. She started off walk­ing and now loves run­ning. “Health is so im­por­tant,” she says. “I never re­alised how im­por­tant it was un­til I lost all the weight.”

High-in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing (HIIT) has taken the way peo­ple train to a whole new level. The method be­hind the idea is pretty sim­ple: short pe­ri­ods of full-on ac­tiv­ity, fol­lowed by short pe­ri­ods of rest, so the body works harder than dur­ing a pe­riod of steady car­dio. Keep your breath reg­u­lar dur­ing each 40-sec­ond bout of ac­tiv­ity.


Go through each of th­ese five ex­er­cises for 40 sec­onds each, rest­ing for 20 sec­onds be­tween each ex­er­cise. Re­peat four times for a 20-minute work­out.


Stand with your feet to­gether and your hands by your sides. Jump your feet out and raise your hands above your head, then jump back into the start po­si­tion. See how fast you can do this for 40 sec­onds.


Stand with your feet just wider than hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, core en­gaged and your weight in your toes. Per­form 20 straight punches fol­lowed by 20 high air punches, all while shift­ing your weight from foot to foot. Fo­cus on keep­ing your feet and hand move­ments fast for the en­tire 40 sec­onds. >


Stand with your feet hip-width apart, with your weight in your heels and your hands be­hind your head. Squat so your thighs are par­al­lel to the floor. Push back up to the start­ing po­si­tion, en­gage your core and main­tain a fluid mo­tion as you lift your left knee up to­wards your right el­bow, then re­turn your left foot down, dip back into the squat, then come back up to re­peat the same move­ment at the top with the right leg and left el­bow. See how many of th­ese you can do in 40 sec­onds.


Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Step your right leg out to the side and squat while reach­ing down with your left hand to­wards the ground or your right heel. Try to keep your back straight as you bend. Push through your right leg to come back up to the stand­ing po­si­tion, then re­peat on the other side, al­ter­nat­ing for 40 sec­onds.


Stand with your feet just wider than hip-width apart, then reach down and place your hands flat on the ground, bend­ing your knees if you need to. Keep your core en­gaged as you slowly walk your hands out un­til you are in a high plank po­si­tion. Hold for 1 sec­ond, then slowly walk your hands back to your feet and stand tall again. See how many you can com­plete in 40 sec­onds. #

Tip Make sure you are jump­ing on a flat, padded sur­face such as grass or a gym mat to avoid in­jury.

Tip When throw­ing a punch, curl your thumb over your in­dex and mid­dle fin­gers.

Tip Keep your core en­gaged to pro­tect your back as you bend. You should feel a stretch all the way down your side.

Tip As you squat, stick your bot­tom out as though you’re sit­ting down in a chair. En­gage your core to pro­tect your lower back.

Tip For an eas­ier ver­sion, put your knees down on the ground be­fore you start to walk your hands out.

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