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With only two weeks left un­til the big day, your mo­ti­va­tion to look af­ter your­self may be start­ing to wane as your to-do list mounts, and your nerves might make you want to reach for the tub of ice-cream. Halt, war­rior! This week’s in­spi­ra­tional ex­pert ad­vice will help you re­sist temp­ta­tion.

“Once you’ve made the big changes in your diet, it’s time to fo­cus on the de­tails,” says Mc­grice.

One easy rule to fol­low is to eat as lit­tle pro­cessed food as pos­si­ble and you’ll be cut­ting out lots of un­nec­es­sary saturated fat, sugar and salt. Just re­mem­ber: fresh is best.

“It’s time to throw in some­thing re­ally dif­fer­ent,” says Rus­sell. “Set your­self a small chal­lenge that you’ll want to tell peo­ple about once you’re done. It might be run­ning 3km for the first time or do­ing a spin class if you’ve never done one.

“Not only will try­ing some­thing new and ex­cit­ing shake up your rou­tine and mo­ti­vate you, it will help you cre­ate an identity for your­self – ‘I’m a run­ner’ or ‘I do spin’ – that will help you stick to your goals.”

“By week three, re­sis­tance may come up,” says Loll­back. “The first week, your mind was telling you, ‘I re­ally want to feel great at the wed­ding.’ Now it could be say­ing, ‘I don’t want to do this any­more. I want to eat that cheese­cake.’ You need to sit with your re­sis­tance. You need to feel your ‘I won’t’ – for ex­am­ple, it’s not that you can’t ex­er­cise be­cause you’re ex­hausted, but that you won’t.

“When you stay with the ten­sion and the truth of ‘I won’t’, you can hon­estly own your ex­pe­ri­ence in the present time and you’ll no­tice the feel­ings change. They should even­tu­ally be­come less in­tense.”

This should help you find your re­silience and stick to the healthy changes you’ve been mak­ing in the past three weeks.

“Throw in some­thing dif­fer­ent and set your­self a small chal­lenge you can tell peo­ple about.”

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