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One week down, three to go! This week, you need to check in with your­self to make sure you’re still on track to reach your goal. Take stock of your habits and make nec­es­sary ad­just­ments.

“Weigh some of your por­tions,” says Mc­grice. “Even though you did some meal prep­ping last week, it doesn’t take much for por­tion sizes to creep up. If there are any ar­eas you’re un­sure about – whether your por­tions of meat are too big or your bowl of ce­real is sneak­ing up in size – now is the time to weigh them out. An extra 100g can make a big dif­fer­ence in terms of kilo­joule in­take.”

A handy Weight Watch­ers por­tion guide is to fill half your plate with non-starchy veg­eta­bles, one quar­ter with whole grains or starchy veg­eta­bles and the other with lean pro­tein.

“You might al­ready no­tice some progress even though it’s only been a week,” says Rus­sell. “Now is a good time to see if you can in­crease the in­ten­sity. If you’ve been walk­ing, maybe you can in­crease your pace or add in hills. If you’re lift­ing weights, per­haps you can lift a lit­tle heav­ier. Peo­ple of­ten fall off the wagon be­cause they’re just go­ing through the mo­tions. this is a good op­por­tu­nity to re­flect on im­prove­ments you can make and gen­tly progress your train­ing.”

“If you find your­self reach­ing for food when you aren’t gen­uinely hun­gry, ask your­self, ‘What is the feel­ing I don’t want to feel right now?’” says Loll­back. “Stress of­ten starts in the body when your thoughts are in the past or fu­ture rather than in the present. If you’re think­ing about speak­ing at an up­com­ing con­fer­ence, for ex­am­ple, the thought of see­ing for­mer col­leagues might make you feel fear­ful. And be­cause the in­ten­sity of the feel­ing is dis­tress­ing, you turn to food to give your­self some respite. In­stead, ask your­self, ‘What is the feel­ing I want to avoid feel­ing right now?’ The more you learn to stay with the in­ten­sity of the feel­ing, the eas­ier it be­comes as your body re­alises it can tol­er­ate that dif­fi­cult feel­ing.”

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