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De­spite all of your good in­ten­tions, you may have had a bit too much to drink the night be­fore. Don’t beat your­self up over it – in­stead, have this break­fast rec­om­mended by Deben­ham to get you back on track:

“Eggs are a good post-hang­over food as they con­tain large amounts of cys­teine, which breaks down the hang­over-caus­ing toxin ac­etalde­hyde in the liver.”

“Av­o­ca­dos can help re­plen­ish your stores of potas­sium, which will help com­bat mus­cle spasms, dizzi­ness and weak­ness.”

“Whole­grain bread will help bal­ance your blood su­gar lev­els and pro­vide slow-re­leas­ing en­ergy, as al­co­hol makes it harder for the liver to metabolise su­gar prop­erly, which can cause you to feel weak af­ter drink­ing.”

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