Try this idea of mak­ing room in your day for all the im­por­tant el­e­ments of life, so you can fit in the fun bits too.

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Imag­ine you have piles of rocks, peb­bles and sand in front of you, as well as a large con­tainer of wa­ter.

Next, pic­ture a large empty jar, and place as many vir­tual rocks as you can fit into the space. Rocks are the most im­por­tant ac­tiv­i­ties that you need to do. Rocks are the work, fam­ily, health, meals, sleep and phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity parts of your day.

Now take your imag­i­nary peb­bles, and fit those into the spa­ces left by the rocks. Peb­bles are the helpful ac­tions that sup­port your rocks, such as track­ing, do­ing wash­ing and food shop­ping.

Is the jar full now, or could you fit in some of the sand you have be­tween the peb­bles and your rocks? Fill

these spa­ces with sand, which rep­re­sents the life en­hancers or those valu­able ac­tiv­i­ties that can slip into your day, such as call­ing a loved one or read­ing a book.

Fi­nally, fill the jar as much as you can with wa­ter, un­til the con­tainer is com­pletely full. Wa­ter rep­re­sents those pur­suits which are least im­por­tant, but that you still en­joy, like watch­ing TV or on­line shop­ping.

So you’ve filled your jar – but if you’d started with wa­ter, you wouldn’t have fit much else in, which is a bit like your day. You’ll achieve more if you fit in the most im­por­tant things be­fore fill­ing up the spa­ces with the other parts of your life.

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