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THE Town of Cottes­loe will in­ves­ti­gate in­stalling a shark bar­rier at Cottes­loe Beach.

‘ I do not un­der­stand why this is not the prod­uct of choice. It is a true con­tin­u­ous bar­rier, it en­hances the marine eco sys­tem con­sid­er­ably (like an ar­ti­fi­cial reef does,) negates the need to bru- talise , trau­ma­tize or, even worse, kill sharks with gi­ant hooks or blast holes in their heads with smok­ies if they are over 3 me­tres. There is ab­so­lutely no doubt the drum lines by virtue of their bait­ing process ac­tu­ally at­tract sharks within strik­ing dis­tance of swim­mers as well. They are NOT a bar­rier. So, we have a prod­uct that is cheaper and safer for both hu­mans and sharks.

- Clive Wilkin­son

‘ Craig Moss’s Eco Bar­rier was a great ad­di­tion to Coogee beach this past sum­mer. Premier Bar­nett would have to be a fool not to im­ple­ment th­ese bar­ri­ers at Perth and WA beaches. They are way more cost ef­fi­cient than those bar­baric baited drum lines, which only suc­ceed in killing and putting swim­mers at more risk of an en­counter with a shark. No sharks en­tered the swim­mers' area, no by-catch was harmed and small fish thrived inside the bar­rier

- Lor­raine McIn­tyre Three Su­bi­aco café own­ers are frus­trated with City of Su­bi­aco al­fresco rules.

‘ Maybe the coun­cil needs to take a trip to other states or to Europe to see that the rest of the world copes with al­fresco pave­ment eat­ing.

- Caro­line Lehmann

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