Life be­ing sucked out of Su­bi­aco

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WHAT’S hap­pen­ing in Subi? The an­swer is not much and get­ting less (The car­ni­val is over, Western Suburb­sWeekly, Septem­ber 23).

I sent an email to the coun­cil about the fes­ti­val and at the time of writ­ing, I’m still await­ing a re­sponse.

There is lit­er­a­ture about how de­ci­sions are made by au­thor­i­ties; they go on about how in a demo­crat- ic so­ci­ety con­sul­ta­tion en­gage­ment is im­por­tant. Re­gard­ing the fes­ti­val, Su­bi­aco coun­cil missed that and went straight to an­nounc­ing.

Has this coun­cil no shame? It is sup­posed to be serv­ing the ratepay­ers, not as­sum­ing some moral higher ground and de­cid­ing what is best for the peo­ple.

I’m aware that maybe not ev­ery­one wanted a fes­ti­val and I re­spect that.

How­ever, this fes­ti­val has hap- pened for many years and at the last minute, the coun­cil pulls the rug. There was no se­ri­ous con­sul­ta­tion about this, no en­gage­ment.

If we ap­ply to put a small ex­ten­sion on our house we have to jump through hoops, yet a decision like this is made and I’m not aware of any dis­cus­sion or pub­lic en­gage­ment.

Our beau­ti­ful sub­urb and our com­mu­nity are slowly los­ing their per­son­al­ity and heart.

They are part of the rea­son many of us moved here. Rokeby Road’s vi­brancy and com­mu­nity is just as much a part of the fab­ric of Su­bi­aco as are the leafy and beau­ti­ful streets.

I sug­gested the chief ex­ec­u­tive and some of his team take a lateafter­noon or early-evening trip to Leed­erville one sunny Satur­day to get a flavour of what is hap­pen­ing.

It is vi­brant; it’s got life, it has busi­nesses, it has no empty shops.

Then come back to Subi: lis­ten to the crick­ets, walk up the street and count the empty shops or the shops closed due to re­stric­tive hours, or no li­censed out­lets within a stone’s throw of Hay Street/Rokeby Road junc­tion.

Al­ter­na­tively, com­pare the Leed­erville fes­ti­val, which is only a few years old. It is grow­ing, it is great for the sub­urb and it pro­vides lo­cal busi­nesses and food out­lets an op­por­tu­nity for a bumper day.

Then look at Su­bi­aco… the sign on the door is turned to “Closed”.

Some will read this and say, “move if you don’t like it”. The an­swer is no, I do like it; in fact I love it.

I just don’t like watch­ing the life be­ing sucked out of it. NeilDon­ald­son,


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