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THE name game has be­come a bit of a prob­lem in the au­to­mo­tive in­dus­try.

So many mod­els, so many names, patents and other dra­mat­ics have led to names be­ing picked by com­put­ers, public pan­els, mar­ket­ing teams and chancers.

We've had apos­tro­phes, ex­cla­ma­tion marks, cap­i­tal let­ters, num­bers and a mix of them all in the past, most of the non-ver­bal shenani­gans ig­nored by the mo­tor­ing me­dia.

But Mazda has come up with a newie:

Ar­riv­ing in late March will be the First-Ever Mazda CX-3.

Yep, that's the name, a re­ver­sal of the norm.

Any­way, the First-Ever has a be­wil­der­ing choice of mod­els and even a cou­ple of other new names. There will be one called the sTour­ing (see what we mean?) and an­other called Akari.

Power will be a 109kW/192Nm 2.0litre petrol or a 77kW/270Nm 1.5litre diesel and you can get them in front or all- wheel drive and with sixspeed au­to­matic or man­ual trans­mis­sions.

Fur­ther choices in­clude 16 or 18inch wheels and eight colours.

For good mea­sure, the ve­hi­cles are blessed with Mazda's "Kodo - Soul of Mo­tion de­sign lan­guage in its most stylish fash­ion, the First- Ever Mazda CX-3 adopts an im­age of strength and has a pow­er­ful sense of speed which flows across the en­tire body." Ah, soul of mo­tion, in­deed. For the record, the first pow­ered ve­hi­cle dates back to 1769 with the Cugnot Steam Trol­ley.

And the first petrol-pow­ered car was the Benz Patent Mo­tor­wa­gen of 1886.

The word “ever” is su­per­flu­ous.

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