Cruel hu­mans are the worst species

Western Suburbs Weekly - - Western Opinion -

IN light of the unimag­in­able cru­elty in­flicted on an­i­mals by hu­mans, it only goes to show what a rep­re­hen­si­ble species hu­mans ac­tu­ally are.

All the car­nage, plun­der­ing, pil­lag­ing, rap­ing, in­cest, bul­ly­ing wars, and all sad­ness, hurt, butcher­ing, bru­tal­ity and de­struc­tion are done by hu­man be­ings. So next time any­one does some or all of the above do not call them an­i­mals – call them what they are: "mon­strous hu­mans".

There are some very won­der­ful, de­cent, coura­geous and kind peo­ple; I only wish there were more of them. Su­sanCon­way,


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